A collection from over 3000 files is behind those walls. A collection of .pdf, .doc, .gif, .jpeg, .txt, sounds ....
Are you an amputee looking for more information about amputation, information about prosthesis, etc... For sure you gonna find it here. Files about information, stories, emails, pages from old websites and magazines, all London Lives (1933), ...
All about the subjects Amputees - Amputation - Wheelchair - Disability - devotee - wannabe...
There are no thumbnails; Make a selection what kind of files you want to see, then you can decide what there is behind and what you want to download.  Files can be in different languages; Mostly English and German.
Everything is placed in 7 folders:

.doc files

.pdf files

.txt files

.html files

.gif and .jpeg files

other formats

full books


sound files