Cartoons by Maurice

A few years ago we received those amputee graphics, made by Marice, an artist from France.


Maurice, the French graphist.


Who is Peggy ?, a word from Maurice:

Peggy's story.

Devotee friends, if you want to know a little more about my Peggy, read this. But don't forget you'll never meet her hopping in the street ! Peggy is only in my mind and pen, she is pure fantasy ! Too bad ? I don't think so : we amputees admirers don't wish any young and beautiful woman to have such a painful fate. I believe devotees are peaceful, harmless and compassionate people, and so am I.Peggy is an American girl. She lives in New York in the nineties. She has a family : Dad is a general manager in a big company and Mom is a counselor. She has an elder sister, Laurie, and a brother, Mark - I didn't feature him yet. You'll see him, and Dad and Mom, in future pictures. You already saw uncle Bob, he is the man with the Mercedes station-wagon in Pval. You'll see auntie and cousins in next updates. And you'll notice that young cousins, Jimmy and Charlie, are noisy scamps !
Peggy is just 20. She was considered as a very pretty girl before her accident. She was athletic too, and liked sports : swimming, skiing, high jumping, tennis. She got high average results at college, and she entered a business school at 18. But a few months later... She had a boyfriend, Peter, who owned a terrific Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Peggy liked high-speed hiking on the passenger's seat. One rainy day, Peter loose the control, and they went against a truck. That was an awful accident ! Peter had little injury only, but poor Peggy was flanged under the heavy truck and she had her limbs crushed by the big wheels. Rescue came on quick and Peggy was driven to the hospital. Her right arm and left leg were amputated. The surgeons try to save her left hand, but finally, they had to amputate 4 fingers, saving only her thumb and part of her palm. Next days, Peggy was nearly dead, but as a strong girl she was, she wanted to live and she did it, thanks to good medical people too. After several months at the hospital, and aesthetic surgery on her stumps, she went to a rehabilitation center and learned to manage with her remaining parts. She finally refused prosthesis, because they were too uncomfortable with hip and shoulder disarticulations, and she uses only an armpit crutch with a ring around her wrist and an iron piece she grabs with her thumb. Peter felt guilty and was turned-off by Peggy's amputations, so he went far away and never met Peggy after the accident. So, you'll never see him. I think Peggy is not ready now for another boyfriend, but be sure that's not for ever. After rehabilitation, Peggy came back to business school. She has just completed successfully her studies. She learned to drive a car with an automatic gearbox, and came back to the pool for swimming and stadium for high-jumping. She intends to try tennis too, with an especially-built racket. Next winter, she wants to try skiing ! Peggy doesn't consider herself as a poor disabled girl. In her mind, what happened is a fantastic challenge for her, and she tries her best to become prettier and stronger. Of course, she sometimes has crisis of confidence... Now, she is seeking employment , and has a little trouble (watch Plift and Phop). And you'll see later that getting a job is not easy for physically challenged people. But sure that Peggy, as an intrepid girl she is, will convince the employment agency manager ! Lovely Peggy will get her way in life. For me... a lot of scenes to draw, now ! Let's go.

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Maurice's heroine is Peggy.
Peggy (blonde)

Peggy (brown)

Peggy (with texts by "Norm")

Norm is an American devotee and the partner of Maurice for texts

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