Cartoons & Graphics by Amputee Alex

A selection of cartoons and graphics made by Amputee Alex (from Ampulove)
From those cartoons, there exist a comic / cartoon book, available at Lulu (or here at Ampu-Love in Ebook Format). If you are interested in this, just scroll down to the bottom of this page.


 Earliest (till 2008) (.jpg & .gif formats)


 2008 (.jpg & .gif formats)






 2011 (.jpg & .gif formats)


 Cartoons about Amputee Alex (based on Alex in Brazil, his ex girlfriend and friend Wayne)


 2021 (.jpg & .gif formats)


 originals - black and white's (.jpg & .gif formats)


 Others (.jpg & .gif formats)


 The evolution of a Cartoon


 Alex at work


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Amputee Cartoons
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