The secret sect of AmpuGod


‘But I really want my leg off’, screamed Anny: ‘Why don’t you get it?’.

‘You are so crazy as someone can be crazy!’, was Paul’s reaction.

Paul was the husband from Anny, and already years they lived an happy marriage.

An happy marriage … till a few weeks ago.

Since that time Anny want her left leg amputated. High above the knee.

Nobody knows why she want that.

Paul called a few days to his doctor, but also he couldn’t give any serious answer on the fact why really Anny want her leg off.

Anny is 22 years old and since a few months she works at the historic museum in her city.

Paul works at the local mail office. He is 25.

For sure Anny don’t have any disease. The doctor investigated her completely.

No gangrene, no bone cancer,… just an healthy young woman.

‘What is wrong with you?’, screamed Paul, watching in her direction.

‘I want my leg off, and if no one helps me, I will cut it of myself!’, responded Anny.

Paul started to cry. He didn’t know what to do, what to think.

‘You don’t need to cry’, Anny said: ‘I really need my left leg amputated, before the next full moon’.

‘What next full moon?’, Paul really didn’t know about what she was talking.

‘You don’t get it, you don’t understand anything’, she said again: ‘I will have my leg off for him!’.

The part –for him, Paul had heard: ‘Who him?, what him?’.

‘My master, you idiot’, Anny responded: ‘The Master of Amputation, my God’.

‘Your God?, he wants you to be an amputee?’, asked Paul then.

‘Indeed, my master is the AmpuGod; The Creator of the Amputated Paradise, the master of a perfectly life with less limbs’ were Anny’s words.

‘You are nuts’, reacted Paul:’ I gone call an ambulance and you go straight to the psychiatric hospital’.

On the moment that Paul had said those words, he disappeared on the place were he was standing. Gone, into nothing. Gone forever?.

‘I will have my leg off’, was the reaction on all this, coming out of the mouth from Anny. She didn’t mind that Paul was gone, not knowing were he went to.

Was he dead, or were was he?. Maybe she knows where he was or what happened, but for sure she didn’t mind.

Anny stand up, went to the kitchen and took a big butchers knife.

She brought it to the direction of her left leg.

On the moment she wanted to cut through her leg, above the knee; -She heard a voice saying: ‘No!!!’.

Only she could hear the voice, it was a voice in her mind. A voice that could be heard only by the proud members of the sect of AmpuGod.

About AmpuGod and the fact that there were long time ago, -a few thousand years; people who believed in amputation for a better live, was an old book that she had found a few weeks before in the museum were she works.

During all the time Anny went to work, more and more she came in contact with the master of the old religion; The AmpuGod himself.

When someone started to believe in this old religion, or there was only –even a little bit interest in it, automatically AmpuGod came to that person.

On one of the late nights that Anny was working, she had used mumbling the word: ‘interesting’, while she was watching at some old graphics that were in the book she found. Designs of amputees, most of them with a kind of wooden prosthetic.

Hearing the word ‘interesting’, was for AmpuGod enough to get in contact with this soul on earth to find out how deep the interest of that person could be.

Through a kind of contact with Anny’s soul, AmpuGod found out, that she was for sure prepared to have a leg removed, to become a member of the sect of him.

But in the book was also mentioned that the believers of AmpuGod needed to have their amputation done, before the next full moon.

If that would not happen, they would end up in a terrible unhappy live.

That the voice of AmpuGod had spoken through the soul of Anny, was for sure. At the moment in the kitchen, she realized that he had invited her to go to the museum.

‘Midnight’, Anny thought, and again realizing that this –around midnight invitation, only could came from the master himself, from AmpuGod.

When we take a deeper look into the religious book of the sect of AmpuGod, that Anny found, then we understand why her leg need to be removed.

The law of the AmpuGod bible says that four-limbed people are not allowed in his world of perfection. That for every amputation, there will follow great unlimited happiness. To join the religion of AmpuGod, woman always needed to start with a leg. What leg, -left or right, wasn’t important. But for sure it needed to be above the knee, and very high.

Also the amputation needed to be done in front of AmpuGod. He needed to be able to see that his new believer was more then ready to enter his community.

‘Midnight it will not be so far’, was Anny thinking.

‘My last two-legged steps will be on the way to the museum’.

Anny prepared herself to go to the museum. It wasn’t that far from midnight.

She went first to the bathroom, washed her left leg, and shaved the hairs from it.

Also in the AmpuGod’s bible was mentioned, that every new amputation could be only done, when the limb was completely clean and shaved.

With a marker, the person that became a member, needed to mark the line were the amputation needed to be done.

How higher the amputation level, how bigger the happiness and love from AmpuGod would return to the soul of the AmpuGod member.

After having this all done, Anny went to the museum. She had a key from a side door; went inside and went to the place were she found weeks ago, for the first time, the book about AmpuGod.

AmpuGod was already on the location, and so, also her husband Paul.

Paul was clearly hypnotized and had a big butchers knife in his left hand.

A big wooden, and old table in the middle, was the place where it all would happen. The place where Anny would offer her left leg for her master and God; The AmpuGod.

Anny didn’t recognize her husband. –Or she recognized him, but understood that he was in the hands of AmpuGod.

The law for couples was more then clear. In the bible Anny read once that if one person with a partner become a member, automatically AmpuGod will reach the partner’s soul, and will take him or her away, till the day that the believer becomes an amputee.

Not only Anny was there. In front was AmpuGod sitting on his thrown. The thrown was made from skin, coming from amputated limbs. Left and right from him were all different followers from his religion. Most of them were young people, on crutches, prosthetics, -even some of them in a kind of wheelchair.

‘Come…’, said AmpuGod, watching in the direction of Paul.

Paul walked slowly, but sure in the direction of his wife.

Anny laid down on the wooden table, and watched in the direction of her master, with the words: ‘I believe in you my God, for you and your love, I offer my leg’.

While she watched in the direction of her master, Paul went on the backside of the table, so that AmpuGod could follow and see what he was doing.

That all was very important, because on the moment that the leg would separate from the body, that would be the moment that Anny became a proud and religious member of the holly believe in AmpuGod. It would be the moment that she would receive unlimited happiness and love from AmpuGod.

The moment that Anny would become an amputee, was there.

High above his head out, -Paul hold the knife, that cut a fraction later, through her leg.

Her leg was no more part of her body. It was separated for good. The ultimate sign for the AmpuGod.  

There was no blood, only a little bit pain, and a miracle seemed to happen. The wound closed immediately and became a stump.

A very short stump.

Now it was Paul’s turn.

He needed to offer his right arm for the master.

Man who became a member of the AmpuGod his religious, needed to start with an arm.

All man needed to amputate their own limbs.

Also Paul received immediately afterwards his stump and unlimited happiness.

But for sure it wasn’t anymore possible now to stay living there in the city they came from.

They both needed to follow AmpuGod in his footsteps.

Anny received a pair of wooden crutches. She was very happy with her new one-legged body.

This way, AmpuGod, followed by Anny and Paul, and all the other sect members disappeared. On the way to their unlimited happiness and love, that they received from AmpuGod; -on their way to the Stumped Paradise.

The book?. The book staid at the museum. Almost every historical museum worldwide have such a book. Only that a lot of people don’t know that.

The book always staid on the place were the believer found it. –Ready and waiting on new believers and souls that will join AmpuGod and his fateful religion soon.



from: AmpuGod
e-mail: anonymous
January 7, 2021