The love between two wannabes

When I met her on the internet, I couldn't believe my eyes, but a real female wannabe contacted me. Real because she did send pictures and hundreds of voice messages. She had found out through the internet that I m a wannabe with some amputations.
We talked a lot that time and the love started to grow. She wanted to be exactly as me. In a wheelchair, without legs and a few fingers missing. We talked hours and weeks about this. I told her that when she really want it, she will get it one day.

The few people that she knew didn't knew about her special and unique feelings. I told her to share her feelings only with other real wannabes, not with others who never would understand her.
We came to the point of meeting each other. To brake the ice and to see how real the love and this all really was.
On the airport from the country she lived I met her. I took a flight to her to show how real I am. The surprise was big when we met each other. Two wannabes from two different genders holding each other and feeling the real love for each other.

I looked at her legs and told her: "so, that are the parts what you want to have removed".
Being probably shy, she didn't answered me, but shake her head up and down as a 'yes' confirmation.
We took a taxi and drove to a bar where we could talk for hours about our feelings and plans for the future. Plans we had made already over the phone and in the many video calls we had made. Now we knew that we had really the same feelings and loved all my stumps, we would go for our plans.

It wasn't that difficult to be honest. She wanted to go with me in the more Southern country where I live. She wanted to be far away from people that knew her. I totally agreed with it, since no one over there would had understand her and there wasn't any real excuse to tell family and friends about what happened, if she would become a legless woman.
It wasn't so much that she needed to take with her; Basically only her clothes.

A few days later we took already a flight to the South, where I could welcome her between the palm trees, nice beaches, the nice little village where I live.
It took her a few weeks before she was used on a new area and a new country. But soon after, we started to talk about her becoming a real amputee. Daily she told me that she hated her legs, that she really wanted them off and that I as a wannabe with reached amputations for sure would understand her.

Off course I did!
That was also why we met; Through the wannabe and devotee world. More then for sure we needed to find a surgeon to help her. Surgeons there were, but all so expensive, -or very far away.
One day she came home with a lot of dry ice, and a plan to do it. We talked seven hours long, while she was sitting with her two legs till above the knees in the frostbiting dry ice.
The excuse would be an accident with dry ice, helping a friend who was playing with dry ice. He was experimenting how dry ice reacted in water in a plastic inflatable swimming pool. Then the pool broke and the ice all came on her legs.

It wasn't such a bad idea,... the ambulance picked her up, her legs were frozen.
A few hours later I received the good news that her legs were gone. They couldn't safe them anymore. She had finally her dream realized; Being without legs, just as me.

Afterwards the healing went fast and she really loved to roll around in her wheelchair. We went daily out to different places where people could see how happy we both are. We started to travel around to discover many places. Many people found us a special couple. For sure we are. You don't see every day two legless amputees in love.

Soon after she got pregnant. My legless wife with a big belly was really cute to see. When our daughter was born, she always found it funny that mommy and daddy don't have legs and that we always smile and make many jokes about our amputations.
I remember that before we even met, we had a favorite picture that we told about: This can be us in the future". Here is the picture that we did fantasies that time that this would be us in the future. The perfect wannabe legless couple.

The love went so far that after a year we decided to marry on the beach. Now being 14 years together our happiness and love don't know any limits. I am sure that our unique love never stops. For many more years I want to call her 'my legless princess'.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
from: Carl, Belgium

e-mail: anonimous