The leg that wanted to be Amputated


Long time ago, there was once a leg. An healthy leg.

The leg was a left leg, and had a name.

The leg’s name was Krista; -This because it was a leg that belonged to a woman.

The leg had indeed the same name of the woman from who the leg was.

The leg was a left leg and wasn’t very happy.

The leg had the age of 23. indeed, exactly the same age as from the woman, from who the leg was.

Since a very long time,  Krista, -the leg, was in a huge depression.

The only thing the leg could think on, was a radical amputation.

The unhappy leg didn’t felt herself comfortable with the body it was hanging on.

For those, and so many other reasons, the leg really wanted to be removed.

‘But how to tell my owner, that I don’t want to be with her anymore?’, was the leg thinking: ‘I need to find a way’.

A few months later, and after a long way of thinking,

The leg found a solution.

Inside the leg started to accept less blood from the owner.

‘In this way, I will be disconnected soon’, was the leg thinking.

Day after day, and night after night, the leg changed from color.

The leg became after a time, so black and started to smell.

Krista, the woman and owner from the leg, felt that there was something wrong.

When the pain started to get very bad, Krista decided to go to the doctor.

After a few and deeply investigations, doctor Shmertz; -That was his name,

-needed to inform Krista, that her leg needed to be amputated urgent.

‘Finally!’, was the leg thinking, while poor Krista, in this case the owner, -started to cry.

The morning after, at 6.43 AM, Doctor Shmertz removed the leg high above the knee.

After amputation, the both Krista’s waked up,

slowly but sure, coming out of their narcotic situation.

The leg felt herself happy: ‘Finally I am no longer together with that body’.

The other Krista needed to discover at the same time how her beautiful leg, that she loved so much, wasn’t no longer there.

She started to cry. Again and Again.

But hours later, when doctor Shmertz removed the bandage slowly from the wound,

She discovered something totally different then she thought.

She discovered a beautiful stump.

Very soon Krista, -the woman on one leg, became close friends with her cute little stump.

She even gave it a name. The name was Stumpy.

Stumpy was so short, so cute and also so soft.

Little as Stumpy was, she followed Krista everyday, hanging proud between two crutches.

Stumpy enjoyed the attention she got from so many people.

Almost on every walk, she observed how many people were staring at her.

Also Krista was so happy with the attention and respect she got from so many people.

She refused to wear a prosthetic.

Stumpy was very happy with that smart decision of her owner.

This because Stumpy didn’t liked to be locked up.

Also, when Krista would use a prosthetic, then the people on the streets, during the many walks they both did together, could not see Stumpy.

When Krista touched her new friend Stumpy, then Stumpy became always more exited.

Krista and her Stump, lived for many happy years together,

So happy, that they never thought about separation.  


from: AmpuGod
e-mail: anonymous
January 7, 2021