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AmpuGod created the amputation saw,

After seeing the amputation saw, he was proud on his creation,

But he wanted to create more

The day after he realized, -that for doing amputations

He needed to have bodies

AmpuGod created Adam and Eve,

After seeing Adam and Eve, he was again proud on his creations,

But AmpuGod wanted to create more

On the third day, AmpuGod wanted to create a stump.

He used his first creation with his second creation

So, AmpuGod created the amputation & the stump,

After seeing the stumps, again he was proud on his creations,

But AmpuGod wanted to create more

On the fourth day, AmpuGod wanted to create metals and rubbers,

After seeing the creations of rubbers and metals,

AmpuGod was again proud on his creations, but again wanted to create more

AmpuGod needed to think.

He thought “Why did I created rubbers and metals?”

After a good night of sleeping and thinking, AmpuGod waked up,

On that fifth day, AmpuGod brought the rubber and metals together,

AmpuGod created wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetics, from the metals and the rubber

AmpuGod was proud on his creations, but wanted to create more.

On the sixth day, again after waking up, he created brains and more people.

The brains he created were wannabe and devotee oriented,

The people he created received those new created brains.

AmpuGod was satisfied and exited.

On the seventh day, AmpuGod realized that his creations were more then perfect.

He realized a new world, a world of Stumps and Happiness.
A world where everyone who he had created

wanted an amputation, or liked amputations.


So it came that AmpuGod started the world of perfect happiness,

A world where less will be more,

A world where in Amputation and Stumps are the foundation of unlimited Happiness.

A world where in Devotees and Amputees needed to live with each other.


So Happy as his creations were, Also AmpuGod was satisfied.

On day eight, AmpuGod created a new religion,

The AmpuGod religion,

A religion that would bring for thousands of years,

Amputees and devotees and wannabes closer to each other.

The religion of AmpuGod was created,

A religion were a stump is as an heart, as a breath,

Something you can’t live without.

Again AmpuGod was happy with his creation,

But something was missing.

AmpuGod heard the people screaming.

Pain all over and around.


AmpuGod became sad, very sad.

He thought that his creation wasn’t an happy creation.

After a good night sleeping,

AmpuGod realized that the pain wasn’t from being an amputee,

Now, on day nine,

That same day,

AmpuGod created Xylocaine /Lydocaine and injection needles.

After his new creation, the people he had created before,

Started to use his new creation.

AmpuGod was more then satisfied, when he sew how the people

Used the new creation and became amputees without pain.

AmpuGod was so happy to see all those Satisfied Amputations.

Now, his new creation was ‘whole’.

For thousands of years, people became amputees,

They married with devotees,

And wannabes became successful Amputees,

All in the Glory of AmpuGod.


The Glory of AmpuGod knows unlimited pure Stumped Satisfaction.

A satisfaction that not could be described to others,

To extenders


All Extenders that would show interest in AmpuGod or in his creations,

or in the world of Amputation & Stumps,

Would be welcomed with an amputation.

Having a Stump would be the only proof of appreciation & acceptation for AmpuGod.


But AmpuGod realized that his world could not be based on only wannabes.

On day ten, AmpuGod decided to create diseases.

He created bone cancer, birth defects, accidents and gangrene.

AmpuGod was again happy to see that those created diseases, helped his world.

The people he created, became now, much easier an amputee.


After this creation, AmpuGod sew that his whole creation was more then perfect,

So perfect that the most of his creations wanted to have more then one amputation.


Ten years later, AmpuGod observed his creation again,

He sew that the most people had became multiple amputees.

He sew young girls with bone cancer, ready to have their innocent leg being removed,

And seeing them so exited about this amputation that needed to be done,

He sew that they were more then happy.

He sew boys in wheelchairs, without legs,

And seeing them so happy, because they could not walk,

AmpuGod was proud on his creations.


  Because Amputation is our Destination,

We all believe in AmpuGod.


from: AmpuGod
e-mail: anonymous
January 7, 2021