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Amputee Stories Real
Author Story Language
Ramona Stinky Devotees  
Louise Baker Out on a limb  

Poe  Fears

Althea How I lost my leg and some thoughts on devotees
Dennis The begining of the end
Timothy Surprise
Jill One shoe is better than Two, a letter to the nugget

Male Amp Gets Plenty of Action, a letter to the nugget

one legged wife Amp Meets Husband In Nug Classifieds, a letter to the nugget
Times Mirror M

A choice for life. (man amputates his lower leg after accident)


Lost 65% of me

Michaela Mein Leben als Amputierte
Tannia I wish I could be 2 legged again
Amputee Stories Fiction
Author Story Language
Martin Mein Unfall
Maurice Peggy's story, by Maurice
Martin Die Operation (Teil 1)
Martin Mein Unfall (Teil 2)
Deadbeef 5 beginnings
Anonimous A bitter Lesson
Anonimous A man and two girls
Devotee Stories Real
Author Story Language
The Wizard My Story
Maurice Maurice: a devotee and amateur artist
Carlos Desperdicio Devotee Memoirs--Part 1
Gose monopaedia fanatica
Devotee Stories Fiction
Author Story Language
Soon! Soon!  
Wannabe Stories Real
Author Story Language
ACM How I became an amputee - from Toes till Triple  
rak wannabe As long as I remember I have wanted to be an amputee. 
Maryl Beinamputation-immer dann, wenn ich will!
Thierry First try...
Kay My toe amputation
Kent One legged Perfection
Anneke Verliefd op een éénbenige ex-wannabe
Fritz Why am I doing this?
Wannabe Stories Fiction
Author Story Language
Carl Two wannabes in Love 
Yvan 5 wannabes  
AmpuGod AmpuGod  
AmpuGod The secret sect of AmpuGod  
AmpuGod The leg that wanted to be amputated