The beginning of the end

Hi everyone. My name's Dennis. I lost my right arm in 1984. I was drinking pretty heavily at the time. I was heading into the city ( New York ) but i never made it. I got to the train station and the last thing i remember was waking up on the tracks with people standing over me. I knew I was hurt really bad. I felt a warm wet sensation on my right side, I knew it was blood. It was strange I felt no pain. I was awake as the ambulance arrived and was talking to the guys on the way to the hospital. I guess I was in shock but it didn't feel that way. My father came to the hospital before I went up to surgery. Thats all I remember until the next morning. I woke up in intensive care. The nurse told me I had lost my arm. I told her I knew LOL! I accepted it right away. I knew it was my fault and I was determined to make the best of it. I continued to drink ( which was crazy since I had already accepted the fact that I was alcoholic ) I had some physical rehabilitation and some assistance in getting a job. I kind of bounced around from job to job unitil I started to work in the phone company here in New York in '91. I stopped drinking in 1996 and was married in 98 to a wonderful woman named Margaret. We have 2 cats Norman and Tyler. Life is good and I seem to get along pretty good with my left arm. Thanks for listening, Dennis.


from: Dennis, male, 40, USA