I always thought of myself as being unattractive to woman as a result of my deformity.  I had lost all hope of ever experiencing sex in the manner it was ment to be and I had to be satisfied with my fantasies of being with a woman.

I was born with congenital limb deficiency (proximal femoral focal deficiency and bilateral upper hemimelia.  I use a weelchair which I control with my right foot.   My legs are very short (AK) and my feet are severely deformed.  I have four toes on each foot and my left foot is rotated almost backward.

I have never known what it is like to "walk" exept short distances in the confines of my home wobbling on my feet and keeping balance by swinging my body left to right.

Earlier this year, our local branch of the bMouth and Fot Painters Association arranged an outing to the Durban Library where some artwork was on display.  (Durban - South Africa is on the East Coast and has lovely beaches.  After our outing to the library on Saturday morning, we were taken to the beach.  The mechanics of getting me on the beach was quite a sight I supose and my seven companions were all upper limb disabled and I was the only one with a lower limb deficiency.

While on the beach, a member of the publishing group that accompanied us, came up to me and asked if she could help me to the water.  I have to say that I am very scared of the sea and I do not have a particular wish to swim where violiant waves will knock me over.  I think she (Debbie) sensed my fear and hesitation and immediately assured me that she would keep me steady in the water.

I had spoken to Debbie a few times before and I felt I could not dissappoint her by refusing her gesture so I agreed to go for a "swim".  In the water, she held me in the shallows keeping me steady with both arms.

I actualy enjoyed the experience and after a couple of minutes, she said that she would like to show me some pictures and if I would like to come to her home that night.   She would fetch me and bring me back to the Balmoral Hotel where we stayed.  I agreed and that evening at 6:30 she picked me up and we drove to her home on the Bluff (about 5 miles away).

Know I had not expected her to prepare dinner but when we got to her house, she said that she prepared some dinner.  I was prepared for some awkwardness because I eat with my feet but she had a tuna dish prepared.  In any event, to cut a long story short, we had dinner and chatted about painting, books and music.

At about 10:00 I guess, she said that she wanted to confess something to me which she had kept a secret throughout her life.  After some hesitation, she said in no uncertain terms that she found me very attractive and in fact that she thought of my disability as sexually stimulating.

She explained about devotees and wannabees.  She took off her shoes and went to fetch a pair of elbow crutches which she explained made her feel crippled like she always wanted to be.  I must say that she had very beautiful slender feet which were very well manicured.  We started touching one another and I came over my uneasiness because she had me in a state of erection and touching my penis with her feet and pressing her body against my feet.  Soon I was touching her and we were sucking on one another's toes, kissing and carresing all over.  This was my first real sex experience and has had many since with Debbie.

We now see each other regularly and we are talking about seeing each other even more often.  She really enjoyes going out with me and she uses her crutches acting crippled.  In the movie theatre she enjoyes touching my feet all the time and she always wants me to "walk" in front of her.

The moral of my story is that she makes me feel good and if it were not for her special kind of attraction, I would still only be fantasizing.  So, bless all the devotees and wannabees out there and stop feeling guilty about your feelings toward us cripled beings. 


from: Timothy, male, 32, south africa