Stinky Devotees

Devotees are the most crazy race of disturbing people. Always hunting for stump sex and other sick minded weird things. Promising that they will help amputees, but the only thing they help is trying to get the sperm out of their dicks for free with stolen pictures. Stolen from amputees that believe in this sick minded crap that is mostly gay, transsexual or even more crazy.
Trough crazy sick Facebook I met a few of those disturbed apes. They only want pictures for free, they tell you that they send you some help, but nothing. For sure the freeloaders from India and the Arabic crap are specialized in this all. They are the biggest thief's, together with some German people. Also very good talkers. 

'Can I see your stump sweetie?'. Yes of course bastard, I am a free stump wore for every rotten devotee. Someone should need to post all those profiles in a group, on a page and call their wife's. Dirty bastard stump fools! I wish I could place them all on one white wall, having one gun and paint the wall red. One shot, one AK 47 and over with them. I would love to stick my stump in some devotee assess till the blood comes out and they die in a terrible pain. Yes! Devotee lives should need to end dramatic. A hell of a pain should need to be the only pleasure of a devotee.

*   *   *

Well.... That could be me if I would had bad experiences with Devotees,
but... I like them. They made my life and still.

Even here in Italy are many devotees and they pay me a lot if they meet me. Secret admirers... But okay I still have the body for it; That's why I am doing it now and not in twenty years when my stumped leg will be only hanging skin.
I am married too, but not with a devotee. We met years ago before I became a one legged woman on the romantic place of Ibiza on a great vacation. We both loved going out in house dancing's, where we also met.
About devotees I found out around 10 years ago and almost immediately I could smell big money behind it. Very well organized in my mind I took advantage of this. After a while I stopped being in contact with cheap poor devotees that only can talk crap and even don't have the money to pay a glass of water.
I concentrated me more on the devotees (and even some wannabes) with loads of money, and there are many, plenty! You only need to be smart and sometimes very tricky. It is easy to be smarter then some devotees. You have dumb ones but also very clever ones. The devotee gentleman's, the ones who don't talk so much, but act a lot. The ones who don't talk always about the stump, but about life and clever, -even business plans. The ones who pay you a ticket, an hotel and everything what a real amputee lady deserve.
A few months ago I told to Jacques, my husband that I am lucky that I became an amputee, otherwise we never could live such a wealthy life. Even a lot of money we spend in updated fancy prosthetics and clothes, what is very well appreciated by many devotees. Some of my devotee friends travel to me and Italy have many romantic places where we can go, be and meet. I always do that with security. Even in a room, my people can hear the whole conversations. I never trust anyone, even not myself. That would be dumb.

An advice I want to give to other amputee girls who want to get in contact with the real devotee, the one who open his wallet and not (immediately) their pants? Stay on distance from stupid talks. Ban people who try to get you for free, and if you feel as being used, -or feel as a low piece of shit, thanks to one of them. Stop with him.
Bring yourself to a higher level and know that they can't find easy that exclusive amputee. Not everyday there is a real amputee in their life and mostly their mind keeps dreaming. That is also the reason that people who talk too much stay living in dreams. Abandon that kind.
When you meet in person, get so much private information as you can. Nothing wrong about calling the wife or even the family if he use and fool you. Oh... And protect your stump(s). That is what they want, but you make the rules about what can happen or not happen. Not them.
About money and deals? Take first the money, then the deal. Don't believe in 'I pay you afterwards'. Then you lower yourself.
Have a mouth, use it and make clear who is the boss.

There are many races I would not date, even with loads of money offers. Indians never, and all other 3th world countries never. They even don't have money to scratch their own ass. So, how will they help you? Muslims the same, they want to turn a woman in a Koran obsessed religious chick to control you and make you as one of their crazy wife's. I tried some Africans but many of them think that they can stick their oversized dick in you without any conversation or permissions.

Boys from the North have money and man who can show you all what they reached in life for real. Not dream castles and lies.
Maybe soon more.... Be carefully dear amputee sisters!

from: Ramona, 37, Italy
e-mail: anonymous
date: March 25, 2021