Male Amp Gets Plenty of Action


  My present girlfriend talked me into writing, because there have been only one or two letters from or about male amputees.

I am an amputee and have been since the accident

that took my wife's life and left me like this. That was four years ago. I was in the hospital for four months and when I came out I thought no girl would look at me, much less want me. I thought that they would think of me as a cripple and feel sorry for me. Boy was I ever wrong. I have had more girls after me now than before. They all say the reason is my stumps. You see, I have only one leg and one arm. My right leg is gone at the upper thight and left arm at the elbow. My left leg was in a cast from hip to toe for 8 weeks. It had been broken in six places. When I finally got out of the hospital, I had to work at building up my strength for another two months.

I remember the day that I first met my gal. I

had gone to a singles bar and was sitting at a booth nursing a beer, when this girl comes up and introduces herself and asks if she could join me. I  told her it was all right if she didn't mind

being seen with a cripple. She said that I didn't look like a cripple. Well, I was sitting in such a way that she couldn't see my stumps. Besides it was kind of dark. I told her to sit down and I stood up so she could see my stumps. I had on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. When I stood up she said it was okay as she didn't see anything different. I raised my leg stump and pulled off my stump sock and said, "There, do you still want to be seen with me?" For an answer, she reached over and rubbed my stump. Needless to say we have been together ever since.

  She is always ready when I get home. She helps me to take off my peg leg and then she massages my stump. By this time I have an erection. She takes off my shirt and shorts and then she strips and I hop to the bedroom to continue our lovemaking. She usually starts by kissing both stumps, then she ends up with my cock in her mouth and she is good. She likes it when I tickle her pubic area with my leg stump before we fuck. Then she crawls on top of me and we screw that way.

  When we are out together, I don't wear my peg. I just fold my pant leg up and tuck it in my belt. You ought to see the looks I get.

  So, you see a male amputee gets it just like the females. Come on you guys, let's hear from you. We think your magazine is the greatest. I may not have both of my limbs and have to hop around the rest of my life, but with my gal, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Nugget 3/85



from: R.G.