Lost 65% of me

 Hi :

Starting is always difficult for me, as I m typing this story by 1 hand.
Car accident, a very horrible one, took away 65% of me when I was 18. With no right arm, no legs (right leg and hip was almost completely removed, left leg left 50% of thigh),  it's hard to be as normal as I can, I can't even sit properly.
80% of time, I only can stay inside / home, yes, I would love to go out, to enjoy coffee, enjoy sunshine, enjoy life.

But... Life... is something I probably better not to think too much.
I try to be optimistic, but when I need to crawl very hard even just from bathroom to my bed with one hand, this is truly a very tired thing of my life.

I try to keep my life with as less help from others as possible.
Thanks to my family and all of my friends around me. But... the accident did cause a lot of sequela. Sometimes I can't breath properly, but my lung got hurt badly too.
If you just see my face, we can easily to be friend. And I have a dream, but how could I have one ?? A dream will never come true. To wait for a man who can cherish me with the condition like this ??

OK... I should go to rest now. It's getting worse... maybe... it's my time now.


from: Rolisha, 27, female, Monaco
anonimous (known by ampulove)