When I was 18 I was on a date with my girlfriend and had just dropped her back at home after our prom. Leaving on a tremendous high I started home then it happened an event that would change my life forever.  It was raining and there was alot of standing water on the highway when an 18 wheeler pulled out in front of me i couldn't stop and slammed into the rig and hit the gas tank my car and the truck ignited the driver got out and ran away but i was pinned.

   When I awoke in the hospital my parents and girlfriend where there and told me don't move to just lay there in the bed and that i had been in an accident and that I was pinned in the burning car for over an hour and that both my legs were burned and broken. I was wearing a kneck brace and couldn't look down so i thought that they were casted and I would be fine, but it wasn't till three days later when the doctor finaly told me that they had to take my legs above the knees and that because of the burns it would be along time before i would walk with prosthesis and would be confined to a wheel chair.

  I thought my life was over and that my girlfriend would leave me but I ended up marrying the girl and graduated from high school and now have a happy life together with two beautiful girls and a hird on the way. YES it was tough to start out with me and my family and friends have had our ups and downs but we have worked it all out and i have come to terms with my lose.

from: Poe, 23, m, USA
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