Amp Meets Husband In Nug Classifieds


  My husband was going to write to you, but he said since he is such a lousy writer, I should do it. We both owe your magazine a letter of thanks because we met through a Nugget classified ad.


My life has been divided into two separate

parts. The first as an attractive teenager who had everything going for her, very popular in school, a   part-time model for a local department store and

winner of a couple of local beauty contests.

  The second part of my life came after an auto accident that left me being an amputee. My right leg had to be amputated just below the hip, leaving me with almost no stump at all. There was just enough left to make sitting comfortable, but using an artificial leg is too awkward for me. The artificial leg with such a short stump, about four inches, requires a pelvic strap and a hip type stump stocking, both of which are uncomfortable. I also limp very badly with the artificial limb and must use a cane to walk with it, hence my decision to stay on crutches exclusively. I like forearm crutches best when wearing a coat or a blazer, but with a dress or blouse, I use regular length aluminium underarm crutches.

I was a senior in high school at the time of the

accident and since it was very near the end of the term, I was graduated with the rest of my class, although I was home recuperating at the time.

After the normal recovery period, I was employed

by a local firm as a receptionist. It was a very good job and I was able to get my own apartment and a new car.

I am 5'5" and have a nice figure, so I am told.

I have had many boyfriends but I guess although I

am attractive, I just was not what you would take home to show mom and dad. My sex life was very good but for the most part, they were just "one night stands." Then one of my boyfriends, whom I was quite certain was interested in me because of my amputation, showed me an issue of Nugget with the "Amputee Corner" in it. We looked at it together and giggled about some of the drawings in it. How could some of those women make it in real life with those double amputations, like the maid walking on crutches with no legs - impossible!

He didn't take the magazine with him and the

next day was Saturday and while having breakfast, I was leafing through it and spotted an ad from a

guy looking for an amputee girlfriend. It took me a few days to build up enough courage to answer

his ad, but I figured maybe this guy wouldn't be ashamed of me and at 26, I was starting to worry about being an old maid.

  We exchanged a few letters and he sent me a picture of himself. He looked great. So I sent him my phone number and a picture of myself. After some phone calls, we decided to meet each other. He lived about 150 miles from me and did not know anything about the area where I lived, so I told him to meet me at a lounge near the turnpike exit.

My dad always said first impressions were very

important, so I made it my business to look real

good for my out of town friend.

  I picked out a very sexy purple blouse which showed off my well-endowed figure, a black A-line skirt with a white belt, purple pantyhose to match the blouse and the wildest white spiked heel pump with an ankle strap in town. In fact the clerk in the shoe store told me I walked better in that shoe than any of his two-legged customers could.

I drove out to the lounge a little early and had

a drink to calm myself down and to get composed.

When he came into the lounge, I was sitting at a corner booth waiting for him. He looked around for a second before spotting me, but still didn't seem

quite sure I was his date. He later said he didn't see any crutches and was a little confused since there were a couple of other single girls there.

The waitress has taken my crutches and put them

over by the coat room for me because the booth was quite small. Finally, he came over and asked me my name. I didn't answer, I just smiled and asked him if he would get my napkin that I had dropped. Well, one look under the table and he knew who I was. Later he said he was sorry for taking so long to retrieve the napkin, but he just couldn't take his eyes off that single purple leg in the white spiked heel shoe.

As luck would have it, we hit it off right away.

Our Personalities matched and I found him quite interesting. Of course, the guy was there to meet an amputee, but I put that out of my mind and enjoyed my new friend.

After a couple of drinks, I asked him to get my

crutches so I could go to the powder room and besides, it was time to show what he had come all this way to see. He returned with my crutches and held them for me as I got up, hooked them under my arms and went swinging off with as sexy a walk as possible on one leg.

  When I returned I asked him if he thought my shoe looked like too much for a one legged girl. Was I over dressing for a cripple? His reply was that it looked wonderful and that he really liked my attire. He thought the high shoe was perfect and wondered how I could get around so smoothly on such a high heel; saying he had never seen a shoe that high before. I assured him that walking on that heel was no problem and although it was very high, it looked even more so because there was only one. He also said high heeled shoes were also a    great turn-on for him. This pleased me very much

because I enjoyed wearing a high heel. Whenever I visit my mom and dad they always give me hell for wearing a high heel. They're afraid I would fall and hurt myself.

  I can remeber standing in front of my full­lenght mirror with pants on, wearing a single high heel shoe and having the other empty shoe placed under my empty pants leg on the floor and wishing my leg was still there. But then I thought "fuck it" and folded the empty pants leg up and tucked it into the waist-band and kicked the shoe aside and went out to the kitchen and made myself a good stiff drink.

  After our meeting at the lounge, we went out for dinner and later I asked him if he would care to stop by my apartment for a drink and to listen to

some new tapes. He was quite pleased with my offer and after he was there awhile, he got up enough nerve to ask to see my stump. I said okay but I wanted to change into something that would make it easier to view. I went into my bedroom and put on a red bra and panties and slid into a black patent

ankle strap high heel. Returning to the living room using only one crutch to show off my balance, I   moved around the room giving him several views

of my fully exposed, very short stump.

He got up from the couch and came over to where

I was standing and kissed me, and like him I was

ready. I dropped my single crutch and told him to get me into the bedroom.

Six weeks later we were married and even now we

still act like newlyweds. Maybe some of it's because I have only one leg, but I really love this guy and he traets me like a queen. I enjoy putting on a show for him no matter what it is. I can walk very well using only one crutch and wearing a spike heel. He also likes me to go out this way. It's a little tough walking up the aisle in a movie theater or going up steps on one crutch, but otherwise it's no problem. And besides, we can hold hands this way. He said he loves to hear that single high heel click when I walk. It drives him crazy.

I have a bizarre black leather body suit that

was made for me by one of those erotic fashion houses and a matching boot to go with it. The boot is thigh high and has an eight-inch heel with a three-inch platform sole. I must use two crutches to manage to get around quite well when wearing it. Needless to say, I don't go outside dressed like this, but it does make for a passionate evening.

My life as amputee has turned out as well as

possible, thanks to Nugget.

-A very happy one-legged wife. Pennsylvania

Nugget 3/85


from: one legged wife