Peggy's story, by Maurice

Who is Peggy ?, a word from Maurice:

Peggy's story.

Devotee friends, if you want to know a little more about my Peggy, read this. But don't forget you'll never meet her hopping in the street ! Peggy is only in my mind and pen, she is pure fantasy ! Too bad ? I don't think so : we amputees admirers don't wish any young and beautiful woman to have such a painful fate. I believe devotees are peaceful, harmless and compassionate people, and so am I.Peggy is an American girl. She lives in New York in the nineties. She has a family : Dad is a general manager in a big company and Mom is a counselor. She has an elder sister, Laurie, and a brother, Mark - I didn't feature him yet. You'll see him, and Dad and Mom, in future pictures. You already saw uncle Bob, he is the man with the Mercedes station-wagon in Pval. You'll see auntie and cousins in next updates. And you'll notice that young cousins, Jimmy and Charlie, are noisy scamps !
Peggy is just 20. She was considered as a very pretty girl before her accident. She was athletic too, and liked sports : swimming, skiing, high jumping, tennis. She got high average results at college, and she entered a business school at 18. But a few months later... She had a boyfriend, Peter, who owned a terrific Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Peggy liked high-speed hiking on the passenger's seat. One rainy day, Peter loose the control, and they went against a truck. That was an awful accident ! Peter had little injury only, but poor Peggy was flanged under the heavy truck and she had her limbs crushed by the big wheels. Rescue came on quick and Peggy was driven to the hospital. Her right arm and left leg were amputated. The surgeons try to save her left hand, but finally, they had to amputate 4 fingers, saving only her thumb and part of her palm. Next days, Peggy was nearly dead, but as a strong girl she was, she wanted to live and she did it, thanks to good medical people too. After several months at the hospital, and aesthetic surgery on her stumps, she went to a rehabilitation center and learned to manage with her remaining parts. She finally refused prosthesis, because they were too uncomfortable with hip and shoulder disarticulations, and she uses only an armpit crutch with a ring around her wrist and an iron piece she grabs with her thumb. Peter felt guilty and was turned-off by Peggy's amputations, so he went far away and never met Peggy after the accident. So, you'll never see him. I think Peggy is not ready now for another boyfriend, but be sure that's not for ever. After rehabilitation, Peggy came back to business school. She has just completed successfully her studies. She learned to drive a car with an automatic gearbox, and came back to the pool for swimming and stadium for high-jumping. She intends to try tennis too, with an especially-built racket. Next winter, she wants to try skiing ! Peggy doesn't consider herself as a poor disabled girl. In her mind, what happened is a fantastic challenge for her, and she tries her best to become prettier and stronger. Of course, she sometimes has crisis of confidence... Now, she is seeking employment , and has a little trouble (watch Plift and Phop). And you'll see later that getting a job is not easy for physically challenged people. But sure that Peggy, as an intrepid girl she is, will convince the employment agency manager ! Lovely Peggy will get her way in life. For me... a lot of scenes to draw, now ! Let's go.

An introduction to Peggy’s story, by Maurice

The ‘Peggy’s story’ you can read in this section is an update of the text ‘Who is Peggy ?, a word from Maurice’ which was published earlier in the Graphic section of Ampulove. This story is not a novel, but just an attempt to complete my pictures and make friends understand better my heroine’s story and character, as far as my poor English allows it.

The very few artists in the amputee area usually just draw and paint amps, but we don’t know who these ladies are, what happened to them and what’s their life now. Even in the ‘series’ on amp ladies, as in ‘RHD’ (Dee) or Bob Houghton’s art, the heroines are somewhat unknown. However, I noticed some exceptions. The first was the old cartoon ‘Amputee Love’ which featured several amp women and men in a full storyline, with 2 SAK stars, Lynn and Sheri. You probably know ‘Becky’, the LSD in the professional comic ‘Funky Winkerbean’, but Becky is not The Star of this story, and I don’t think that the author is a devotee. What else ? Well, I got a lot of pages by a very good non-professional artist who draws quite consistent storylines with at least 10 pretty SAK and DAK heroines, but this art has not been published yet, as far as I know. Maybe I’ll be allowed to send scanned samples to Alex soon.

I am totally unable to write stories and draw cartoons. I work more as an illustrator, with the unique characteristic that most of my pictures include dialogs and comments in English, thanks to my partnership with ‘Norm’. This American friend, not only writes nice texts in English for my pictures, but also he helps me to know and understand Peggy’s story and behaviour better and better. Special greetings to Norm !

Some mails I receiced from friends included good suggestions for further Peggy’s scenes. For example, I plan to draw Peggy at the hospital and rehabilitation center, as soon as current series are completed. Don’t wonder if I work in no strict respect of the chronology. Maybe you noticed that in the newest scenes, Peggy looked younger than in old scenes. I allow myself this artistic license. But I need your critics on my art, and am very happy to get it. For example, recent mails by Australian devotee ‘Don’ included very cute and clever comments about Peggy’s physical characteristics, very useful, indeed. Thanks a lot, Don ! And thanks to all my correspondents !

Well, time now to write a bit more on Peggy and her close relations.


- - - - -

Peggy’s story, by Maurice

Peggy, the young amputee woman you admire in the Graphic section, is an american girl. According to ‘Norm’, the writer of nice texts for her pictures, she belongs to the upper-mid class. I agree with him. She was born in New York, and she still lives somewhere in the Big Apple -no, friends, I’ll not publish her address. She is around 20 years old. If I draw her 10 or 20 years more, she’ll still be 20, as an artistic license I allow myself. She had her accident at 18, read about it below.

When she was 15, she began to look very pretty, with a lovely face and nice figure, round breasts and shapely legs -what my drawing skills can hardly feature. Maybe she looks a little too athletic, but Peggy was in sports and competitions very soon. She won medals at local junior championships in swimming, high jumping and tennis. She liked running, climbing the mountains and skiing too. Sometimes, father and mother worried she was a tomboy and a daredevil girl. Even as an amputee now, she often overrates her abilities.

After the accident, sports were out of question, but, while completing her studies she got great success as the cheerleader of her Business School football team. Now, she tries swimming -no problem-, high-jumping and tennis, and maybe you’ll see her taking part to future Paralympics Games. She recently got in touch with a professional ski-teacher, a pretty RSD/LAK named Alice -a new idea from Norm-. Next winter, you’ll see Peggy learning ski on one leg with Alice as the teacher.

Several boys aimed to have so a pretty girl as their girlfriend, and she got fond of Peter, not only why he was a nice boy, but also because they shared common preferences for sports, and for high speed on Peter’s motorcycle too.

But you know, high speed can be dangerous, and Peter was often over the limit, what delighted Peggy. One rainy day, Peter lost the control of the Harley-Davidson with Peggy on the rear seat, and they ran against a truck. Poor Peggy rolled under the heavy wheels while Peter was kicked out on the side of the road. The young man was only bruised, but Peggy was in poor condition, with left leg and right arm awfully crushed. An ambulance quickly took her to the hospital. The surgeons couldn’t save her leg and arm, and had to cut them off at hip and shoulder. Peggy’s left hand was severely wounded too, and a few days later, she had four fingers amputated, and just her thumb saved. Next days, she was between life and death, but as she was a strong girl, Peggy came back to live. It took several months at the hospital and additional surgery before she went to the Rehabilitation Center and learned to manage with her new body. She tried leg prosthesis and even a peg leg, but finally preferred the crutch since the artificial limb hurted her hip too much. She also refused cosmetic arm prosthesis because it was too long wearing it each morning and removing each evening.

Then, she completed her studies successfully in order to get a job in a marketing or communication department.

In the mean time, Peter had gone far away. He felt guilty about the accident and also was repelled by Peggy’s disabilities. He was not a devotee ! Now, Peggy has to look for a new boyfriend. Sure she will have one in the future !



Peggy has now come back to father’s and mother’s house. Both try their best to deal with their daughter without considering her as a disabled person. Dad, Philip, is a general manager in a big I.T. company and Mom, Nancy, is a counselor. As they are busy, we have not been introduced to them yet. Notice that Dad is severe. Young Peggy often had set-to with him before the accident, and she will sometimes have in the future. With them also lives Laurie, Peggy’s elder sister, who kindly helps her in the little details of her life. Her brother Mark, 24, has got a job in San-Francisco, so we didn’t see him yet.

Uncle Bob, a biologist, is Nancy’s brother, and Peggy is his favorite niece. She is welcomed at any time at Long Island cottage. Aunt Suzy and young cousins Charlie, Jimmy and little Amanda are delighted to have Peggy at home. But the boys don’t fully realize what it is to be an amputee.

Barbara, a beautiful blonde, is Peggy’s childhood friend. This self-possessed young woman tries to moderate our heroine. For Peggy is a plucky and intrepid girl with sometimes uncontrolled initiatives. She looks uninhibited too and doesn’t realize that wearing miniskirts, high heel and other sharp clothes make her a spectacle in the streets.

I don’t know if Bill, who helped Peggy in the ATM scene, will become her friend. Anyway, Ithink that he is a little too old to be her boyfriend.

What else for now ? Oh, I forgot to mention that Peggy was fond of dancing too before the accident. Maybe a good theme for the future...

I hope you’ll enjoy Peggy’s pictures more now, and I’ll continue writing as I get more information on our little darling.

Bye for now,


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from: Maurice