Tina Cleopatra Russon

Tina Cleopatra Russon, is better known as the one who did the presentations in so many different movies, produced by Ampulove. During the many years, that she did presentations for Ampulove, people started to ask us more information about her.
In the first place, Tina was a good friend from Alex, who is an amputee. The meetings with Tina and Ampulove, started already in the years 1997 - 1998. And even went on till 2007. But after the movement from Ampulove to the USA (was before located in Belgium, Europe), Ampulove lost the contact with Tina - Cleopatra.

Tina - Cleopatra Russon, in one of the Ampulove movies

In all the years that Ampulove was located in Belgium, Tina did more then only presentation work. Many times she helped with different jobs as: sending - answering emails, preparing packages and labels from orders,...

Near all that, Tina - Cleopatra was many times the founder of different names from the old ampulove products, who were years ago online. And near that, Tina made also different Amputee - Graphics. Basically in a funny way, for Ampulove. Some of the work she made is still on Ampulove. You can find it back under the name Mombi in the graphic artists area.

Tina - Cleopatra Russon, with Amputee Alex, during one of the meetings about Ampulove, years ago:


Presentation work of Tina - Cleopatra in the movie "Amputee Geronimo":
The movie is on YouTube, but you can download it here (21556 kb - mpeg -- 02 min 37 sec)

After years of many friendship, and huge appreciation for the help in so many things that had to do with Ampulove, Amputee Alex made for Tina a painting from here. (oil on canvas):

Through this article, we want to make on thing clear in the thoughts of many people. So many visitors, years ago, thought that Tina - Cleopatra was a wannabe. But we can confirm that this isn't truth.
The last information we got from Tina, was during a last meeting in America. But there was no further talk about an eventually "working for Ampulove".


Tina - Cleopatra Russon, with Amputee Alex in 2005

Tina - Cleopatra Russon, in Antwerp - Belgium, in 2007