Helen Smith (and Amputee Alex)

Many years ago Helen Smith from Cambridge, United Kingdom lost all her limbs from meningitis. She became very famous through the whole world and many people supported her. Even Amputee Heather Mills.
Helen loved to play the piano is what She told to Amputee Alex on his visit to Helen that time.
For a short time Helen and Alex were a couple. Helen asked that time to Alex to life together in London, but Alex didn't had any interest into moving to England.
After a while they broke up and started to go each their own way. Alex remembers the nice carrot cake that her father made and how nice her mother was. The welcome at Cambridge for sure was warm hearted.
We know that Helen is happily married, already for many years.
From that time (1999) we still have the movies Alex made, the pictures and some newspaper articles from Helen that time.
It is all here:

The films:

Helen a quad amputee ( by Ampulove)


5 stumps together (movie about Helen and Alex)


The pictures:



The articles: