Heather Anne Mills (born 12 January 1968) is a former model, an English charity campaigner and the ex-wife of musician Paul McCartney. During their marriage she was known as Heather Mills McCartney.

Mills started her own model agency in 1986, and married Alfie Karmal on 6 May 1989, but divorced him in 1991. Mills was living with her ski instructor Miloš Pogačar in Croatia in 1990, just before the Croatian War started, and later organized supplies for Croatia, accepting modeling assignments in Austria to pay for the trip. In London in 1993, Mills was hit by a police motorbike and suffered serious injuries, losing part of her left leg, six inches below her knee. She later sold her story to the News of the World and used the proceeds to establish the Heather Mills Health Trust, which recycles discarded prosthetic limbs.

Mills met McCartney at a Pride of Britain charity event, and they were married on 11 June 2002. Mills gave birth to Beatrice Milly McCartney on 28 October 2003. Mills separated from McCartney in 2006, which led to a highly publicized divorce in which she was awarded £24.3 million in a court settlement on 17 March 2008. Mills is a patron of Viva!, the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, vice-president of the Limbless Association and was formerly a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Association Adopt-A-Minefield program. She continues to work on behalf of various campaigns, including aid for amputees, animal rights and for the banning of land mines.

Heather Mills

Who is Heather Mills ?

Heather Mills,is a successful business woman and model, she is also an amputee.

At the age of 22 she went to Northern Yugoslavia, now Slovenia, for a holiday and eventually ended up moving there. Whilst she was there a civil war started and Heather witnessed the effect it had on many of her friends. Rather than returning to England like most other people, Heather helped set up a refugee crisis centre, and traveled from Slovenia to Bosnia-Herzegovina negotiating with the military and governments agencies for hospitalization, housing and re-sheltering in the local communities. This continued for the next two years and she commuted between Slovenia and England keeping up her modeling career so as to earn money to help the refugees. In an attempt to gain recognition for the cause, Heather set about establishing and publicizing the Heather Mills Trust.

In August 1993, Heather was involved in a road accident with a police motorcycle. Her injuries included crushed ribs, a punctured lung, and multiple fractures of the pelvis and the loss of her left leg below the knee. Realizing that her modeling career could now be over, she summoned the press into her hospital room and sold her story. Her loss, coupled with her extraordinary life would make a great story, and she exploited this to the full.

After her amputation, Heather found that no one was willing to offer her any modeling work. It was not until her book Out on a Limb was released that Italian cosmetics firm Pascal took an interest. Realizing that Heather was the perfect person for the job, Pascal recently signed her up for a three-year £750,000 cosmetics contract to head their new range.

By promoting her story, Heather has become a figurehead for the disabled. After being fitted with a prosthetic Heather found a practical problem that she felt she could solve. Her stump changing in shape and size, and the prosthetic leg had to be continually replaced, whilst the old leg would be discarded. Heather realized that if the redundant prosthesis would never find another use, there must be literally thousands out there just waiting for a new home. With her experiences in the former Yugoslavia, Heather knew that these redundant limbs would be more than welcome in areas such as Croatia.

After the first convoy to Croatia, Heather set about writing her autobiography ‘Out on a Limb’ which landed straight onto The Times’ best-seller list. The book is currently being made into a film. The proceeds from the book go to The Heather Mills Trust, which raises money for child amputee war victim’s world wide.

cover of her book

Heather’s life is extremely busy, not only does she find time to do all of the above, she still manages to run a half-marathon (in Newcastle), and organize such events as the National Free Hair Day, when people are asked to give a donation for a free hair-cut. The proceeds from which went to the Calvert Trust (which helps to rehabilitate and recuperate the disabled, child amputees and land-mine victims), which Heather devotes a lot of time and energy to.

In March 1998 and 1999 Heather organized a City Ski Run in France, which involved 100+ bankers from the city in competition with each other to raise money for charity. The proceeds from this again went to help the Calvert Trust. Also, working closely with the Headmasters group, Heather has various night-club charity events taking place which take minimum donations on the door as well as from various activities such as raffles taking place in the club.

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