Fascination and Bette Hagglund


Fascination was the first amputee / devotee related Magazine ever available.
Here we show you some information about this magazine, and some links. The magazine, by
Bette Hagglund, who is also an amputee. She used to publish a quarterly magazine, Fascination, of romantic fiction, about relationships between women who are amputees and the men who find them attractive. The magazine was distributed throughout the world. The profits were spent in organizing meetings in Chicago where women who are amputees would meet men who are attracted to women who are amputees. Friendships and marriages have followed.


A few pages of different Fascination Magazines


A letter that was sended with the Magazine


The Address...  and the site...

Mss Bette Hagglund
3949 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60618