Amputee Alex

Already a few information from Amputee Alex, can be found in the who is page, from Ampulove. But here is more information about Alex. But off course, there is always more to tell.
Alex who is a triple amputee; double above the knee, and right below the elbow, lived in more then 4 countries, and love to travel. Basically to discover new people and different cultures.
Alex was born in Europe, but never liked the idea to stay living in Belgium, where he is from. Already when he was 15 years old, he went to the major house of his city, with the question, what he needed to do to live in another country. For Alex, Belgium is too cold.

Alex as a baby Alex, around
6 years old
Alex around 19 years old and a diver Alex around 23 years old,
and a chief cook

As a child, Alex lived always with his grandparents. When he was 18 years old, he married. Alex have three children and likes children very much. He always dreamed about having a lot of children, and a huge family. But after being 3 times married, and realizing that real love, that never ends, don't exist; He came more up for poor children. When Alex made one of his first world travels, to Brazil, he had seen many poor children. Children that live on the street, have nothing, and beg for food. Since that day, Alex came up for a lot of poor children, and helps also poor children on the world through organizations. When he lived in Brazil, in the favela (slums), he took care for 10 children that daily came to his house.

favela of Rio de Janeiro, where Alex lived
with the view he had, from the living room.

Alex lived for a while in the favela (slums)  of Rio de Janeiro. A dangerous and poor area, with daily shootings on the streets, a lot of poor people, and children, who don't have anything.

Alex, with some street children, a few years ago in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Alex prefers to help poor children and people with a disability. For him, children are the future of the world, and they are not the fault of all the mistakes that the world of adults make. Children didn't asked to get born poor, or to live in misery. Years ago, Alex was very religious. Even wanted to become a priest for the catholic church. But after a deeper view on how bad the world is, how selfish some people are, and realizing that every 5 seconds, on the blue planet earth, a child die from hunger. That was for Alex the end of being religious.

Alex with some children, mostly in Brazil

Since Alex left Europe, to live in the USA, he made more friends in other countries, then that he ever did in his whole life in Europe. Here on the right side, are some pictures from him, from the last years. Pictures from in the USA, from Brazil, and other locations.

Since the sad discovery, how many poorness there is in the world, Alex hopes to be able, one day, to travel to countries as Angola, where there are a lot of mine victims, who became an amputee from the many landmines. It would be nice to help in such a country those many amputees.

Alex: -As an amputee, it is sad to know that there are so many amputees who need help. Children from all over the world, adults from everywhere. People, that don't have a lot of possibilities, because they live in a country, where help for people with disabilities, is on the low site.
When I was for the first time in the USA, I was surprised, how everything is wheelchair accessible. Everything, need to be, by law, wheelchair accessible. I think, it is one of the best laws, i ever heard about.
So, imagine yourself, a country, where every store, bar, bank, is wheelchair accessible and have wheelchair accessible restrooms. USA is really the best organized country, when it comes to disability, and so many other things.

In one of my travels to Brazil, I had a girlfriend. Izabel was her name. She walked on one crutch, and this because one of her legs was much shorter and deformed. She told me, that once, a surgeon told her, that it would be a good idea, if she would have it amputated. So, that she could walk normal on a prosthetic. In Brazil, I met some nice people, but I also met the hell of my life. A few times, people stole almost everything from me, my wheelchairs got broke, and even once, I got almost killed.

If you are an amputee, and if you are in a wheelchair, then Brazil is a very difficult country to live in. There are almost no wheelchair ramps. Sometimes you even can get the idea: "Better stay inside, outside it is to difficult".

As an amputee, I was married in America to a devotee. But even being married with someone that like amputees a lot, I discovered that even a relation between devotees and amputees, need to have more then "stumps".

I like writing books, I wrote a few books that are published, but I am planning now, to write a book about my worldwide travels, and the places, and conditions I have lived in. It would be nice to write down my story, how it is, in different countries and cultures, without legs and only one am. A book with the title: "Legless around the world", sounds great.

Profile of Alex:

DAK double above knee,
RBE right below elbow
and.... 1 finger on the left hand

July 1, 1970, at 5.00 in the morning.
(just wanted to be at time for breakfast...)

Belgium - Europe (unfortunately) 

water sports, cooking, computer, painting, writing, 
travel, languages, gardening, music, ...

Yes, 2.
They live in Belgium

orange and petrol blue

Portugal, Lisbon
Belgium Europe
Florida, USA
Sri Lanka, near India

About 16 countries; USA, Brazil, Belgium, Sri Lanka, 
France, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, 
Monaco, Germany, England, Morocco, 
Tenerife, Arab - Dubai, the Philippines ...

That's a lot, here are a few...
USA: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, 
Naples, New York, 
Shreveport, Washington, Houston, ....
BELGIUM: Brussels, Antwerp, Oostende, Leuven, 
Sint - Truiden, Tienen, Gent, Brugge,...
BRAZIL: Salvador, Guarulhos, Blumeneau, 
Santos, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, 
Guriri, Sao Mateus, ...
FRANCE: Paris, Lyon, Dijon, Port-la-nouvelle, 
Cannes, Grenoble, Nice, Le Dramont, Agay, 
Saint-Raphael, Mont-st-Michel, ....
and much, much more. 

I like devotees a lot, and I guess, that since 
I became an amputee, 
almost all the woman I met were devotees. 
And .... to say it in a different way, 
I love devotees. 

I am very open minded for wannabes, 
If you are a wannabe, go for it! And
ignore people that tell you that you are crazy.
What is "crazy" anyway, by the way?

English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, German

Years ago, till I was 15, I was catholic, 
even wanted to become a priest.
Now, Atheist, I only believe in what I see, 
what is real. 
Even Jesus was married with Maria Magdalena and 
had 2 children, if we are going into real history...
And if there is really A God.... 
why people are suffering so much,
why children are dying daily in the 
streets from hunger.... 

Brazil & United States of America. 
People build up on 200 years what no one ever
did before; and.... totally wheelchair accessible. 
Yes, even the smallest store. 
Even in my daily live, I don't write Dutch anymore, 
I do everything in English;
thoughts, journals, writing.... etc...
And finally the first country that have a black president. 
I know a lot of people that says 
that Americans are arrogant.
please visit first a country, 
then decide or they are really arrogant.
A lot of people talk bad about a country 
without knowing a country.
America believes in future; 
in Europe old buildings are more important
then future. (history they call it)

Smoking as hell, you need to die from something. 
Drinking? Social and not too much.

Histories, Steven Spielberg Productions, 
Robin Williams,...
and my favorite 2 actors:
Louis de Funes, French Actor and comic
Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson, 
I love the film Mr Beans Holiday

techno, classic, whatever... depend the situation. 
I made music for years,
Did radio work years ago.
Right now, also very good, 
if you understand the text.
Pixote from Brazil.

Wars, God-obsessed people, arrogant people.

I love woman, and since I am an amputee, 
all of them were almost devotees.

legless woman sounds very interesting to me. But 
also two legged woman are :-)
I am for sure not gay, even some people may think
this. I have nothing against gay people. I even have
some good friends who are gay. But, when it comes
to devotees, then I can say, that a few of them can
be very irritating. Some of them, ask you to meet,
they promise that they are not into more things.
But once they see you, then it is: "Can I kiss you?,
May I touch your stumps?". Even through internet,
always those invitations about it, while they know
you are not interested in it. 
Again, not every gay friend I have, is like that, but
the one they are, ... goes straight to the block list.

I wrote different books, 
also wannabe and devotee oriented.
There is a book, called Amputation on Request. 
available at: and  


with a friend

with a friend

with ex girlfriend Izabel


with a friend

near a river

last day in Belgium, airport Brussels

with an ex- girlfriend

with a friend

with an ex-girlfriend

with his American ex wife

on the computer

in the garden

special t-shirt

last week in Europe

with amputee Bruna

on a trip

at Hooters

with his roommate

with a friend

at the shop

with a pilot, Washington DC

in front of a store

with a friend in Rio de Janeiro

on a flight

in the garden

a painting made by Alex (oil on canvas)

one of the many amputee cartoons, that Alex made

Alex, before he left Belgium

In his life, Alex have done already many things. So, he organized once events, and so he came to the idea to organize a fair at night. About 12.000 people came at night to that fair. Near that he organized a benefit for the parents of murdered children in the "Dutroux" case in Belgium, years ago. Alex, went to hotel school, is a cook, but did many different jobs. He was a DJ and did radio presentation. He made music, and was even a tattoo artist. He had two tattoo studio's in Belgium, till a few years ago.

Tattoo studio from Alex and some of his clients. On the left side, Kattie, who was in Big Brother Begium

Alex had also 2 little restaurants. Here are some pictures from him, with one of the two restaurants.


Who want, can contact Amputee Alex here.