It can be hard to be a wannabe, certainly when your need-to-be feelings are coming up.
There are a lot of wannabes (people who want to become amputees), but a lot of wannabes can live with this feelings, without the 'need' of an amputation 'today'. Another group, the 'need-to-be's', are wannabes who really need the amputation to survive. Those people can do hard things. Medical people (who don't know anything about wannabes) call those people 'pain lovers', but it is certainly not the pain that they want, but the amputation.
Some wannabes/need-to-be's had the luck to find real (medical) help to become an amputation, others are waiting and hoping on .... the possibility to become one day what they want.
Others can't wait on 'help' and do things by themselves.
Here you will find real wannabe pictures. All those pictures are real, and NOT fake, not electronic surgery or whatever.

A lot of wannabes do on selfamputation. Because it is extremely danger to cut of an own leg or arm, a lot of wannabes 'start' with selfamputation of toes or fingers. But why toes or fingers if you are a leg or arm wannabe ??? Well the answer is very simple. A lot of wannabes start with this kind of little amputation to find out or the 'amputation - feeling' is really what they always imagine.  Here we have a few pictures of a wannabe who cut of all his left toes. Not all on one day, but in a few months he lost all his toes. He told us: "I did it without any pain, I used ice to put my toes in sleep...".



Another wannabe picture of a toe amputation; send to us anonymous on 23 September 1999

Here we have another story. Some wannabes try to find a medical way to become an amputation. Before they go to a hospital they perform wounds, and sometimes very bad wounds. The picture you see here is from a wannabe who became dry-gangrene on his calf, with the hope that surgeons would amputate his leg.... after the surgeon visit he still had two legs, even this bad calf wound was not 'enough' to become an amputation...

If you are a wannabe who did on selfamputation, and if you have pictures from it, your pictures would be a great help for other people. We know that a lot of medical people visit Ampulove. With your pictures medical people who visit this page can see that wannabes are real, and that it is maybe better to 'help' wannabes, and that they don't need to do all those hard things with themselves.
You can e-mail us your pictures completely anonymous. If you send us pictures, please don't forget us more about the pictures. Thanks for your help.


Self Amputated Toes: