True desire of the pervert devotees

information resource: Daily Record
October 7, 1999, Thursday

LENGTH: 217 words

BYLINE: Vicki Hill

EXPERTS say that apotemnophilia is rare but a medically recognized sexual fetish.
It appeals mainly to men who develop erotic fantasies about severed limbs or fingers. It's seen as an extreme form of masochism and some say the apotemnophile who cuts off his leg is merely settling for a less painful alternative to his real desire - which is to remove his own genitals.
The fact that the fetish is so horrifying to outsiders is also probably partof the attraction. The weirdoes get turned on by being socially unacceptable and are proud of their stunted appearance.
They may show off their severed limb by arranging their clothes to show off the stump to best advantage.
Some "devotees" as they are known are so desperate to lose a limb they'll fake an accident or cut into themselves, hoping the hospital will finish off the job. Sociologists say it also seems to be linked with lack of self-confidence and
It also may act as an excuse for lack of success in work, within relationships - and with sex.
There is evidence devotees find the shape and form of a stump attractive and may have to use photos of other amputees to get sexually aroused.
Devotees often prefer to be looked after or cared for by an able bodied person, even controlled.