The English Wannabe Case

The full Horizon documentary about this case - 49 min. 30 sec.
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A few years ago, Malcolm, an investigator from the English BBC channel, contacted Ampulove, with the question, to bring him in contact with Wannabes, who wanted to come out for their needs in becoming an amputee. Malcolm, who did investigations for the Horizon program, and was an amputee himself, came to visit us a few times at the Ampulove office, that we had that time in Belgium.
Malcolm informed us that in the Falkirk Hospital of Scotland, a surgeon did legal amputations on wannabes, after being screened by a psychologist and two psychiatrics.

Dr. Surgeon Smith from the Falkirk hospital

Even that time, we did for the BBC team investigations on wannabes and went afterwards to the United Kingdom, to offer them all the information we knew. As "thank you", we received even two very high bills, from the psychiatric and psychologist, that we visited to offer them hundreds of pages with the wannabe investigations we did here.
With the "help" of Ampulove, Corinne, a woman from the United States was in the BBC documentary. But unfortunately, that became a disaster for her. They mentioned her as a not real amputee wannabe.

The next pictures are from Corinne long time after this English wannabe documentary. Corinne a real amputee wannabe. First one leg, then two:


Also Ampulove was mentioned in the documentary, but that piece was cut out, before it came on worldwide television channels.
On this page, you really find everything we have about that case, those people, and the BBC and Horizon. We kept the text below in the origin like we wrote it, the first time it was published.
Let this article be a warning to people that want to be open minded to television makers. It can damage you very much, just like it did with a few of those people here.


A few years ago there was a Scottish Surgeon who did legaly amputations on wannabes.
About this case we found a lot of medical scans, special documents, etc...
all are scanned and showed below.
To give you more information about the scans, here is an explanation 'who is who'.
you will find papers and e-mails from:
- Malcolm Neaum (the BBC investigator who searched for wannabes for the television programm Horizon)
- Corinne (a female dak wannabe who was in the horizon programm)
- Doctor Surgeon Smith (Falkirk Hospital surgeon who did the amputations on the wannabes)
- Dr. R.W. Reid (one of the two psychiatrists involved in the englisch wannabe project)
- Dr. K. Fischer (psychologist involved in the wannabe project)


A few years ago, the horizon BBC program (television United Kingdom) asked ampulove,  for help, because they were planning to make a documentary about the wannabes, their desire to become real amputees, etc... So ampulove came in contact with Malcolm Neaum, the programma investigator from the BBC, an australian young man, who was an amputee also (but not a ex-wannabe)
He asked friendly for some information. Ampulove did all they could. Giving addresses, bringing the BBC in contact with some wannabes, like Corinne a friendly american woman who wanted to lose her two legs above the knee (she was in the documentary of Horizon),...
Once Ampulove disagreed with the fact to be filmed, Mister Neaum wasn't friendly anymore.  Even the name ampulove wasn't mentioned in their horizon programm anymore.
Afterwards the Ampulove people heard from people in this programm, like Corinne the American female wannabe, that Malcolm Neaum 'used' the people.  He didn't told them honnestly that this programm would be worldwide afterwards on television, and told them only that it would be on English television.  So a lot of people involved had a lot of problems afterwards when this Horizon program was also on their own local television.

That's the site of the horizon BBC programm, and our very bad experiences with them....
On the other way there was Mr Kevin. C. A Scotisch ex - wannabe, who was'nt affraid to come out for his wannabe feelings and the need to have is leg off.
A brave young man who started once the site Overground; He found a surgeon, and a psychiatrist who believed in his wish to become an amputee.
Finally when his surgery was done in Scotland, the medical crew: Surgeon S. and the psychiatrists, ... went on with viewing wannabes.  A man, also reached is goal, and became an amputee by wish. A few times he phoned with the ampulove team.  (also he is involved in the Horizon programm). The next man who would become a 'happy amp' was Phd Gregg F; also the writer of the only serious book about apotemnophilia available on this world. But the case stopped.  The Falkirk hospital direction didn't want anymore surgeries on ex-Scottish patients, and so the project, the only legally-becomming-an-amputee-by-wish project was over.

A few years ago, Amputee Alex from Ampu-Love received this letter from a German friend... Writing that Corinne from the documentar finally is legless:

More news from the falkirk Hospital

Woman asks Falkirk hospital to cut off healthy legs

A SCOTTISH hospital has issued a statement warning that it will not treat sufferers of body dysmorphic disorder after a woman travelled from France seeking to have both her legs amputated.

The patient turned up at Falkirk Royal Infirmary last month seeking an operation to remove healthy limbs after reading on the internet that the hospital had carried out similar operations.


Robert Smith, a surgeon, was banned from amputating healthy limbs in 2000 after operating on two private patients. Kevin Wright, 39, from Essex, and Hans Schaub, 71, from Germany, had lower legs removed. Both men suffered from a form of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a condition where patients become preoccupied with a perceived body defect. In both cases the men believed their lower limbs were an unnecessary part of their body.

The French woman, who has not been identified, was admitted to the hospital’s accident and emergency department on March 12 after deliberately injuring her legs. She was assessed by a surgeon and two psychiatrists and treated for her injuries before being flown back to France last week by air ambulance.

Smith was on duty but was not involved in the case.

“We did our best to care for this patient, as we would for any other patient, and we brought clinical staff in to interview and assess her and that included psychiatrists and a vascular surgeon,” said Ian Mullen, the board chairman.

“We then made contact with her medical advisers in France and it was agreed that the best course of action for the patient was for her to be repatriated.

“It is my very clear view that this type of operation is entirely inappropriate for an NHS district general hospital and a provincial NHS district hospital at that. Clearly, if individuals wish to have this kind of operation carried out and they can find a private clinic or staff who are prepared to do that operation, then obviously that is a matter for them and the others involved.

“But it is inappropriate in this situation, not least because it undermines the confidence that the local population have in their local hospital. That was something we were very aware of when this happened in 2000, that there was a great deal of concern among the local populace, and our first responsibility is to them.”

The chairman said that because of the unusual circumstances of the incident the chief executive of the board had requested a report.

Mullen, who has asked to see a copy of the report, added: “As far as I am aware this lady turned up here entirely of her own accord. It may have been, of course, related to previous incidents. One assumes that she may have picked up that this operation had taken place some years ago in Falkirk.”

The previous operations took place with the consent and knowledge of the former medical director and former chief executive of the old Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary Trust but unbeknown to Mullen, the then trust chairman.

Last year Smith mounted a campaign to allow patients suffering from this type of BDD to be given the same status as those seeking sex change operations. The surgeon believes that the condition is a distinct psychological illness similar to gender identity disorder.

He said that if patients were not offered amputations, they might put their lives at risk by trying to rid themselves of their “superfluous” limbs. Some sufferers go to extreme lengths to get rid of the body part involved, including lying on railway lines.

We wrote already 2 times about the English wannabe case... Surgeon Smith who performed legal amputations on wannabes, Malcolm Neaum, the investigator from the BBC who 'used' the people from Ampulove for their help in finding wannabes and even could not say 'thank you'; Who used so many wannabes who where so good enough to come on television...
but in the mean time we have a lot more information about this wannabe project and the people who where involved in this 'BBC show'.

The 3 well known people in the documentary where:
- Gregg Furth, PhD and SAK wannabe
- Corinne, DAK female wannabe
& - Hans, a SAK male wannabe

More news we have from them all is that a few weeks ago we came in contact again with Hans, the ex-wannabe who became an amputee in the Falkirk Hospital; Almost weekly we receive very nice and long letters from him and... of course we write him back. What he write? We will ask him in our next letter to him or it is ok to put a letter online from him, or to write us a letter, kind of message to all wannabes and visitors from Ampulove. What is for sure? That Hans is completely happy with his amputation and that he regret that he didn't became an amputee earlier in his live.

Hans told us that Corinne finally became her wanted amputations, just like she wanted to be, a nice good looking woman, but without legs. Her dream became truth and we know now also that Corinne moved from the USA into the Netherlands, where she is happy married. So we received also pictures from her trough a friend. Like you can see on the pictures below was Corinne first a left above the knee amputee, afterwards a double above the knee amputee. For us, here at Ampulove it was nice to see how happy she looks, that she finally has what she wanted her whole live. Years ago Corinne told us that she found out her wannabe desires trough our site Ampulove, she discovered trough Ampulove that there are more people who want to be an amputee. Here are some pictures from Corinne's new happy live:

But near the good news, Hans told us also the bad news, about Gregg Furth, that the man died from Cancer. A few years ago, when he was doing research for the book he wrote about Apotemnophilia (BIID), we gave him information and did a few investigations trough the site. The most disappointed side on the point that he died  (in our eyes) with 2 legs; The man never had the change to become his dream, being a happy single above the knee amputee.