Self demanded Amputation


There are cases of self-demand amputation (Apotemnophilia). These are often related to the erotization of the stump and a sense of over-achievement despite the resulting handicap. Such an obsession tends to represent a kind of "fixed idea" rather than a paranoid delusion. It may be conceptually related to, though not identical with, transsexualism, bisexuality, Munchausen syndrome and masochism. As with most pharaphilias it is far more common in men. There is limited knowledge on the relationship between sexual attraction and amputated limbs, but there is clearly a syndrome of erotic obsession or fetishism for amputated limbs or digits. Many see the amputation as an erotic fantasy which becomes a potent, obsessive desire. Photographs of semi-nude or fully dressed amputees often serve as a visual masturbatory aid. Gender identity concerns can lead to these symptoms, although self amputation of the penis is sometimes substituted with the leg, to avoid going the whole way. The resulting stump suffices as a kind of surgical masochism. Contact with other apotemnophiliac's can act as a half way house. However, the obsession is difficult to overcome. Paraphiliacs generally wish to transcend an aversion or the forbidden.

A pharaphilia is a condition occurring in men and women of being compulsively responsive to and obligatively dependant upon an unusual and personally or socially unacceptable stimulus, perceived or in the imagery and ideation of fantasy, for optimal initiation and maintenance of erotosexual arousal and the facilitation or attainment of an orgasm. In Acrotomophilia (amputee fetish), the specificity is that the partner must be an amputee. An acrotomophile is erotically excited by the stump or stumps of the amputee partner and is dependent on them for erotosexual arousal and the facilitation and attainment of orgasm. People may become attracted to amputees for many reasons. These include fetishes, vicarious sadism, low self-esteem, legitimate excuse for poor performance, respect for an amputee's adjustment to an handicap, need to rescue and care for the amputee or even fear that they could face the same affliction. The amputation is an obsession that applies usually to the self. It can occur that the acrotomophile seeks to be amputated himself. In the absence of self-demand surgery, an amputation may be self-induced, as an apparent accident for example that is completed professionally in a hospital. Such acrotomophiles are sometimes referred to as devotees. Most acrotomophiles seem attracted to the stump, although sometimes severe scarring is the turn on.

How the amputee presents him or herself is important. Broken off or crippled limbs seem to be less exciting and most of the amputees try to show off their perceived better points, by strategically choosing and arranging their clothing. An additional feature of amputation/amputee pharaphilias is that they have strong social as well as sexual components. Acrotomophiles obsessed with the amputation of an intact person typically find that his/her paraphiliac obsession is not reciprocated. It is questionable whether any of the other pharaphilias can come close in terms of being twenty four hour fantasies.

Whilst it remains a fantasy, twenty four hour or not, it is potentially transient, but once mutilation becomes reality it is generally permanent and irrevocable and the next stage can be death.