Illegal Wannabe Projects

And there are a few. With all the medical investigations, done during many years and even changing the wannabe name 'apotemnophilia', into 'BIID', it really didn't changed anything.

Guessing that the only real and basically real wannabe project was in the Falkirk Hospital and done by surgeon Smith. The only point there was that the psychologist and the psychiatrics were over expensive for a little visit to them in the London United Kingdom area.

The first well known illegal wannabe project is in Manila, the Philippines, where two surgeons perform amputations on wannabes in their 'Beauty' hub hospital. The brain behind this is Dr. Joie P. Illescas.
What we know from this project and what others told us: You also need to visit their psychiatrists first and it isn't cheap.
The price is very high. Different prices is what we heard.
Here below some more information about this project what we did received from P.G. from Canada.


Near the project in the Philippines, we know about the existence of another illegal wannabe project in Mexico, where wannabes need to pay $18.000 to $22.000 to have one limb removed. That are the prices we picked up.
Two (ex) wannabes we know for many years went there... One told us that he went back to his country after the surgery with an infection of his stump, so that once being home surgeons needed to remove a short piece of the stump.
The other one is rolling happy around now with no legs, and probably about $40.000 less in his wallet.

Basically we have nothing against illegal projects for wannabes, since the real medical world is stubborn and nose bleeding into the direction of helping the real wannabe. So, let us consider those projects in the Philippines and Mexico to be only open for the wannabe with loads of money on their accounts.
Let us compare it with the countries where it still exist: The A class and B class trains... A class get it done and the normal regular wannabe with a normal income can run to hell?
There is something wrong with those above mentioned projects.

Even a friend told us that he sold his house and went back living with his mother, only to have money enough to get ready to go to Mexico. Is it really all money that count in this world of projects?

Even many people contact Ampu-Love to get information with the questions: 'Can you help me to become an amputee?'; And no we can't, we don't have such a contacts.
We only can hope that in the future some more and legally projects will shown up. Projects that really can help a wannabe in a way that they don't need to play with dry ice, lidocaine, or whatever else that could bring them to become an amputee in a way that can be dangerous. But,... We all know, that even after so many investigations on wannabes, this solution of real surgeons, real hospitals, normal prices,... will be postponed for another few years.

Not every surgeon is brave enough to scream: "I wanna help wannabes in a legal way!". And that is pretty understandable since a whole crew and many more people need to agree with the wish of the surgeon, to make it completely legal.

Off course there are surgeons who do it. Even as a DAK female wannabe we knew and is a real DAK amputee now. But she got in contact with a surgeon in another country, who is her life partner now. Such a things do exist. A good understandable surgeon friend? Maybe all wannabes need to go into a search for that, while they wait on the big day, that wannabe surgery is legal.