Dr. Schneider for Wannabes


Herr Dr. Schneider is a German orthopedic surgeon who discovered years ago about the existence of wannabes.
It was in the '80s that he got in contact with a guy, who told to Dr. Schneider that there are many people who are in the need of a voluntary amputation. Dr. Schneider remembers very well the time that his father was still alive and lost a leg in the war. He also remember how his father had a perfect happy life and was always smiling. Even on one leg.


Since that day Dr. Schneider started his search into the directions of apotemnophilia; wannabes; BIID.
A big discovery it was for him to find out that many of them were suffering and did everything to get a limb amputated. For Dr. Schneider it was a start to help wannabes. But only the serious ones that really are in the need of an amputation.

Dr. Shneider has his own kind of private hospital. Basically it is a very old castle, but inside there is the most hyper modern surgery room. Here are two pictures from the hospital of Dr. Schneider and also from the surgery room.

Dr. Schneider informed us that there can be a long waiting row, but you are free to call him. It can be that his secretary Nora will pick up the phone. If no answer, please contact Herr Dr. Schneider directly through the form below on the page.

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Prices of surgeries depends on level of amputation. But Dr. Schneider will tell you after contacting him.
Basically it also depends on a few more facts; Do you have a Health Insurance? A travel medical insurance? And on how long you will stay in the hospital.

The location where you will need to travel to is in the area near Wershofen, Germany; There is also Dr. Schneider's hospital located. It is a very quiet area with some nice woods. In the eyes of Dr. Schneider also the perfect place for recovery.

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The area of Wershofen - Germany;
Where Dr. Schneider is located

Here below you can contact Herr. Dr Schneider, it is send directly to him:


*disclaimer: you have the right to believe this or not. Many years ago on Ampu-Love we had this also online. Unfortunately Ampulove was offline for a few years. Now we are back, Herr Dr. Schneider is also back.