Acrotomophilia & Apotemnophilia


A Fetish for Amputees + Amputee Wannabes


- Jack Malebranche







A Love of Amputees

Acrotemnophiliacs demonstrate nature's graceful sense of balance.  A young girl is traumatized by an accident, leaving her sans a leg.  As if coping with the everyday inconveniences caused by her missing limb weren't enough, she feels 'damaged' and unattractive. What a revelation then--to to find that there are men who would, well, give their right arms just to see her struggle with household chores every day.


Of course, many or even most amputees are probably so plugged into the popular delusion that happiness is only available to those who embody the collective ideal, that they are repulsed by those who gravitate towards any abnormality.  However, those few who who realize that they possess something akin to bodacious hooters and decide to capitalize on their disability will reap the rewards of being worshipped  as a sex object, even in a state of apparent imperfection. 


Most acrotomophilias tend to be heterosexual white males who are reasonably educated and functional, however there are also some female acrotomophiliacs and homosexual acrotomophiliacs. It is also thought that while most 'devotees' have also pretended to be similarly disabled--revealing some sort of projection in their fetish--most would not seek out amputation as a means of fulfillment.  Those who do would be referred to as apotemnopheliacs and will be discussed below.


One striking thing about amputee porn is that it is generally (though not always) surprisingly tame.  Often, no nudity is involved. Many acrotomophiliacs seem to fetishize the condition of amputeeism itself, and seek out images of amputees struggling though mundane activities. Devotees also sometimes have difficulty in carrying on healthy relationships with amputees (many seem to be wary of acrotomophiliacs), because those devotees exhibiting a high level of fetishism are often more interested in the 'stump' or the disability than the person - whereas the disabled are often struggling to be seen as people, not as disabled people. However, some couples have managed to develop balanced sexual and social relationships that have resulted in marriage or long term commitments.


There are also a wide range of proclivities associated with acrotomophilia or devotee-ism that all stem from a sexual obsession with some kind of physical deformity. There are those who are sexually fixated on people in wheelchairs, people have braces of some kind, people who have deformed feet, etc. - but each of these would seem to warrant its own separate discussion.





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Those Who Want to BE Amputees

As mentioned above, many acrotomopheliacs imagine pretend that they are disabled, but some people actually want to have their limbs removed.  

In 1998, John Ronald Brown, a medical doctor practicing in Tijuana without a license, cut off the healthy leg of Philip Brody, a lifelong apotemnopheliac.  Two days later, Brody died of gangrene in a Holiday Inn.

Most doctors refuse requests to amputate the limbs of apotemnopheliacs on ethical grounds, so many 'wannabes' seek out sketchy surgeons to perform the operation. A properly licensed doctor, Dr. Robert Smith in Scotland, performed several on-demand amputations in a proper clinical setting before his hospital forbade him to do so in response to public condemnation.

Apotemnophelia was long thought to be a sexual fetish related to acrotomophelia, but recently it has been determined that for most apotemnopheliacs, the condition is sometimes not significantly sexual in nature.  (Though there are some who get sexual satisfaction from pretending to be amputees.  This is true apotemnophilia, and it is common among acrotomophiliacs.) Rather, some psychologists now refer to apotemnopheliacs who are not sexually fixated on the idea of a missing limb as sufferers of BIID - Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is frequently compared to GID - Gender Identity Disorder.  Those who have BIID have an idealized vision of themselves missing a limb, and are fixated on the idea that they are somehow 'incomplete' or 'imperfect', so long as their healthy limb remains.  Often, this leads to depression - some even make desperate, half-assed attempts at removing their own limbs.  One man who put a shotgun to his kneecap was reasonably successful, and now lives happily as an amputee.

From the Third Side, of course, while it is tempting to declare apotemnopheliacs and BIID sufferers as utterly mad, well, as long as they remain functionally mad and hurt no one - there is no reason for the outrage that on-demand amputations generally inspire.  One reasonable rationale for preventing BIID sufferers from fulfilling their desires is that they would actually be transforming themselves from healthy citizens to handicapped citizens, in effect willfully making themselves a potential drain on state resources.  Though legal caveats like this rarely meet with public approval, it seems rational to suggest that so long as the BIID sufferer appears to be otherwise sane at the time of amputation, that he be able to have his dream fulfilled, so long as he was forever prohibited from receiving handicapped status for his elective disability.  Indeed, that might ruin the charm of the whole idea, as many sufferers seem to think their handicapped status will draw sympathy and love from strangers - they want use their disability to psychically vampirize those around them. If the condition was met with a tough-love-type social stigma, perhaps the desire to become limbless would fade.

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Apotemnophilia Bibliography:


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