Kind of Amputations and terms

An amputation can be called left above the knee, but also LAK, what means the same in short terms. Here is a list of short terms, regarding possible amputations, and more about the different kind of amputations.

LAK left above knee
RAK right above knee
DAK double above knee
LBK left below knee
RBK right below knee
DBK double below knee
LHD left hip disarticulation
RHD right hip disarticulation
DHD double hip disarticulation
TK true knee (knee disarticulation)
HD hip disarticulation
LAE left above elbow
RAE righ above elbow
DAE double above elbow
LBE left below elbow
RBE right below elbow
DBE double below elbow
ED elbow disarticulation
HD hip disarticulation
1 OF EACH 1 of each
TRIPLE 3 limbs
QUAD 4 limbs
CONGENTIAL born with amputation(s)
AKBK above knee and below knee
S(AK) single (above knee) lak or rak
S(BK) single (below knee) lbk or rbk
S(AE) single (above elbow) lae or rae
S(BE) single (below elbow) lbe or rbe
Lisfranc amputation front of the foot
Chopart amputation disarticulation of back of the feet
Symes amputation ankle joint amputation