Going to the prosthetic maker
Sometimes it isn't always what you want...

You need a leg, or a arm...
Time to visit the prosthetist, not always a easy case. The prosthetic builder, he can be your friend, but in a lot of cases, that's only when you agree with him, how he/she think about your prosthetic. A lot of people don't know anything about prosthetics, and listen always to the prosthetic builder, without knowing, or understanding what he or she will do.
Isn't it important to know what a leg or arm can do, or you will be able to walk easier, or doing things easier with it ?

We eared already stories from people who where really disappointed in  their prosthesis maker.
One woman visited the man, and asked him to have a soft silicon liner, but his answer was: That's not possible, a sucking system is better.
An other man wanted a special knee, because he was afraid for the cheap knee they gave him, also as answer it was not possible to change the knee into the system he wanted. Until the man said: 'Also not if I pay the knee?'. Then it was possible, just because the government or insurance wouldn't pay for that knee, the prosthetic man said 'no'.
A lot of those persons who make prosthetics, don't think about what people want, what knees and liners, and extra systems they want. When you don't know anything about it, then you can't ask anything.... That's a fact.
So in a lot of ways,  it is better to inform you before you go to a prosthetist. Internet is big enough to find out a lot of information about prosthetics. 

You can search on Otto bock, flexfoot, .... and all the other systems there are. 
The strongest story we ever eared was from our own Ampulove master Alex. Once he went to a prosthetic man, and asked him to make a new leg.  Two weeks later when the leg was ready, and Alex wanted to put it on, it didn't fit. It was really to small; Almost made for a child... He turned angry, and told the man, 'I give you exactly 3 days to make what I WANT'. The man didn't agree with that, and so Alex leaved the store immediately with the answer 'Go making prosthetics for animals, maybe you are good in that...'
That same evening the prosthetic maker called to Alex with the words: 'Sorry about this afternoon, but your new leg will be ready within 3 days'.
Indeed, 3 days later the leg was ready and fitted well. BUT Alex didn't agree with the knee, and so he said 'You can keep this cheap assurance - paid knee, and put on it what I want'. The man looked strange, but know that Alex would have what he wanted.  To let him know that Alex wasn't stupid, and know a lot about prosthetic systems, he started to tell the man about the different systems, even different systems know in America, but not in Europe.  Finally Alex said that he wanted a Otto bock knee, and the builder his answer was: 'Oh, that need to be paid in advance, they are not so cheap, and not much asked'. Alex's answer was on this: 'You mean the knee will be able to be tested for a week, and then I decide to buy such a knee or not'.

Without giving any answer the prosthetic maker went to the telephone and called the local Otto bock company. They told him it was not a problem to have this knee tested. 
A few days later, the knee was on the leg, and Alex phoned the prosthetic man to say him: 'You can order this knee'. The man requested a payment in advance, but Alex told him that he would pay when the knee was on it.  Like it is normal when you go to a store that you pay buy receiving such an expensive thing...
BUT when the knee was in the store, and everything was arranged, alex asked to his old leg... 'Oh', said the man 'I used some parts for your new prosthetic', and other parts I give away for poor African people who use prosthetics...
EVER eared that a perfect made prosthetic will fitted on someone else stump in Africa ????????
'Ok', was Alex's answer: 'For tomorrow I want my old leg back, completely like it was, and the old parts you put in the new prosthetic will be removed, and will be changed by NEW parts, just like the insurance PAY for'...
So Alex, finally had his new leg like he wanted, and his old leg, that he keep for when the new leg would need a reparation...
The point of this truth story? Don't let a prosthetic maker let decide for you when it is going about a thing that is 1. expensive, and 2. something that can change your live! (you walk or you will stay in a wheelchair)... Up to you !


There are of course much more stories about prosthetic makers. We don't say that they all are the same,  but even when they are nice, and asking you what you want for a kind of leg or arm... you always can be better informed before you went to such a prosthetic store.
We know a lot of stories from amputees that can't walk, and are sitting in a wheelchair, just because the leg they have, the prosthetic, isn't fitting very well, or isn't ok on another way.  Not every country or insurance pays for a prosthetic every week... In a lot of countries you may have 1 prosthetic every four years. So if some 'dude' made you a prosthetic, and you need to live 4 years without walking,  just because he or she made a bad prosthetic, and you don't have the money for a new one, paid by yourself, then 4 years waiting will be a hard time. 



  • Never go to a prosthetic maker without knowing something about prostheses. There are a lot of sites about what kind of prosthetics exist on this big world.

  • Ask always your old prosthetic back. It coasted enough, and even on e-bay or another bid site they give still a lot of money for a old prosthetic.

  • When you are not happy about what the prosthetic man made you, say it before leaving his store, never think 'It don't fit, ... maybe within a few days it will fit...'

  • Be sure he or she use new parts.  A lot of prosthetic parts are re used by a few of those money crazy prosthetic makers.

  • Know and understand very well it is going about a limb, something that make you more able, it is not just a bouquet of flowers, or even a new car, it is something important that is very important in your live as an amputee. So be sure it fit and will give you a good feeling.