When I was 4 or 5 years old I observed, from behind, a small girl, perhaps 3, walking down the aisle at a Sears store, two braced legs awkwardly flailing, clacking and squeeking, with two crutches trying to stay out of their way. Notwithstanding that she was alone, she walked proudly and confidently. I was riveted, not by the normal attraction of anything that is unusual, but by an inner resonance that I never forgot, a strong endorphin rush I guess, with no logic to it.

As it was the age of Polio, there were many children wearing braces and I always honored the compulsion to stare, perhaps rekindling that initial unexplicable rush. I remember in the showers at summer camp watching another child, with one leg braced in a manner that let the foot dangle freely and the other in a platform shoe that allowed for walking, remove the brace and walk normally for the shower and then put it on again and walk out. I again was riveted, trying to stare inconspicuously at every detail of movement, and to figure out what was the purpose of the brace. It felt like it would be fun to walk in.

My feet and legs erogenously enjoy straps, pressure and confinement. Thus I took to high heels at a young age and found platform sandals and boots especially exciting for walking. I continuously fantasized about wearing full leg braces with my heels, and broke many hardware store yard sticks after strapping them to my legs and trying to walk. Guess that's why they were free.

When I found my current braces, I couldn't believe my luck. What could be the odds of such a find? When I finally got to feel steel, leather and wood against my feet and legs, all my inner suspicions were satisfied with interest.

I took the opportunity to concoct an outfit for Halloween, a cross between a Playboy Bunny and a Telethon queen: "The Easter Seals Poster Bunny - one of Jerry's Girls". I know it was tacky, but c'mon, it was Halloween. I arranged to meet a friend at a bar for carpooling to a major Party in a big hall - thousands of people - anything goes - hey it was San Francisco, might as well take advantage of the scene. Of courst my friend was about a half hour late and I had to walk into this bar and sit down with two fully braced legs and a teddy for cover. Thank God it was Halloween. People were friendly, however and it turned into a pleasant experience. I couldn't believe I was actually walking in full public view for hours - it was ecstatically great. And in Heels, too!

I recently broke a bone in my foot playing vollyball. Because of the pain intensity, I couldn't walk on it, but didn't want a cast bcause I didn't want to be embarrassed in public (can you believe passing up that opportunity?). Perhaps I thought my ecstacy would show. So I fastened an extension to one of my braces, like the child in the shower, using a favorite high heel shoe on the other foot to make the heights even, for walking around the house without having to put weight on my foot. It worked very well and was fun, too. Unfortunately I rubbed a hole in my shin with the brace that was embarrassingly unexplainable to my concerned doctor.

Now I rarely put on my braces because of the guilt I feel. I do find that any sexual distraction can be rectified by merely thinking of wearing them. It fascinates me that others conjure the same feelings inisolation - what a strange and wonderful world - and it opens up a whole new universe of possibilities and understanding friends.

I definitely would not want to have to wear them all of the time. Yet I would like the option of wearing them as often as I liked and anywhere I pleased. I'm such a showoff, though, that I would have to show as much of their length as is politically correct. Yeah.

I would enjoy creating purposefully erotic images of lovely women wearing braces and would encourage anyone so interested, either for publication or for their own personal use, to contact me.

I'm sorry but I'm not interested in images of men in braces, so no use proposing that. I know my interests are specialized, but then, that is the beauty of the net.

Wishing you all much joy and fulfillment.


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