Interview with Lori

Lori is a 20 years old American
LAK amputee.

About me:
Well, i finished highschool two years ago, i entered college im studying physical therapy, its great, i love it. Im single and not looking (too busy). On a normal day i go to school and then I go to my therapy setions, i hate my therapist because he makes me work so hard (its not true, i really like him), i love swimming and going out with my friends, and now that i think about it i love studying and research so im kinda of a

My story:
Lemme see, the accident was two years ago on my prom dance, i was with my friends, i was a bit drunk but they were wasted, so we were in the car going to the after party and we crashed, i was in the co pilot seat, and i lost my left leg above the knee, and my right index finger, it was a very hard shock at first, i didnt want to talk to anybody, i eas very depressed but i learned that i had another chance, two of my friends died in the accident and my boyfriend spent two months at the hospital for head injuries. After the first three months i started to go to therapy the relationship with my boyfriend became stronger, he loved me the way i was now and he made me love myself again, im still with him, although i cant see him as often as i want.
I hated it when people stared at me at first, it made me feel weird, so i guess i dont like devotees too much, although i met a good friend in therapy who confessed to be a devotee, i mean hes nice so i guess not everybody is the way we think.
Talking about my relationship with my boyfriend. At first I didnt want him to see me naked because of the scars and the limb, in other words i didnt want to have sex with him anymore because i didnt want him to hurt me. But then we talkid about it and we started to have sex again and it was weird at first but now i feel very comfortable, the only thing i hate is taking the prosthesis in and out every time we make it so im becoming lazy about wearing it, lol. Some times when im home i like to use my weelchair cause im moving things arround, the only time of the day i wear my prosthesis is when i go to school and when i go out at night (i really dont like it). So most of the time i wear crutches, and i dont care anymore of what people may think or say. Thats their problem, i have to many things to worry about and that is the least of it. So it was nice talking to u, i hope my experience works to someone, and i'd like to keep contact









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Ampulove 22 October 2000