Letters from my friends

Here, I'll put interesting letters received from my friends.

My comment: I'm sad, but she doesn't know how lucky she is ! ! ! - Letter from my friend in EU

Thank you for posting your web page, and the interesting info written in excellent English.
My wife went through the same sort of experience as you. She had cancer and had an amputation as high as yours just before her 13th birthday. There the similarities end. She remained self-conscious, and has never swum, or appeared in public without her prosthesis.
Maybe this is because it happened 40 years ago. There appears a much more supportive atmosphere nowadays. The other thing is that she does not understand or like devotees. I loved her, and still do, but kept my feelings quiet until she discovered just a year or so ago. ________, unfortunately, does not approve of my feelings, and does not like my involvement on the internet.
I'm glad for you that you have adjusted so well, achieve so much, and have the love of someone who you know is a devotee. In the end it's the relationship that counts, not the reasons for the start of it.
Lots of love,