Pre-Prosthetic Stump Care


This video will be very useful - perhaps essential - tonew lower limb amputees whose physical therapists failed to instruct themproperly before they left the hospital on how to prepare their residuallimbs for eventual prosthetic fitting.

The 30 minute tape is narrated by Tammy RolFingsmeyer,a physical therapist - also an above-knee amputee - who talks the viewerthrough a wide range of topics, which she demonstrates with the help ofRodney Washburn, a below-knee amputee and Beth McSkinning, an above-kneeamputee.

Range of Motion and Strength -A number of exercises are demonstrated to attain and keep full range ofmotion in the affected joints and to increase strength.

Dos and Don'ts of Positioning- There are demonstrations of how to sit and how to lie on the stomach andon the back to avoid flexion and abduction contractures.

Wrapping - The proper way towrap the residual limb with ace bandage to shrink it in preparation forprosthetic fitting is demonstrated. Also, a "stump shrinker"is demonstrated.

Stump Care - Skin hygene iscovered, together with massage techniques to desensitize the scar and breakadhesions.

Although the presentation is a bit bland, this video getsan "A" for information content.


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