The Abbreviated Woman
To my green eyes, there is no woman more beautiful than a woman with one or more amputated limbs. The beauty of diversity shines brightly whenever I see a smooth firm roundness in the place of a knee or hand or elbow. A breathtaking stillness descends on my world when I happen upon such a woman. Stepping forth, I want to introduce myself and invite her for coffee and curious conversation concerning life, love, and the cosmos. I want to know "What kind of life brought you to this place today?" I want to know the woman first. But it is her lovely abbreviated form that has attracted me to her and commanded my full attention. How can anyone glimpse such a unique person and not watch and appreciate them for their personal beauty? Full physical bodies are taken for granted so often; how can one not gaze with wonder at an amputee woman and think she is anything other than extraordinarily beautiful?

Beauty :In The Eyes of the Beholder
All humankind is initially attracted to a physical characteristic as the impetus to know someone. Some men want big breasted women. Some women want well-hung men. Some men are attracted to full, kissable lips accompanied by blonde hair, blue eyes, and a model's figure. Some women seek other women; men other men. Short, tall, auburn-haired, heavy build, thin build, yada, yada, yada......In my opinion, being initially attracted to any of the above physical characteristics is no more unusual that being attracted to someone initially because that person possesses a shortened arm or leg. As a lesbian, I find the sweet, soft stumps of a female amputee to be a celebration of her individuality. She is physical poetry. She is beauty in motion. The unique simplicity of her form speaks volumes.

No More Shame
Until I found sites on the Net concerning devotees, wannabes, and pretenders, I KNEW that I was the only person in the universe who felt that the abbreviated body of a woman was beautiful and desirable. As an artist, I had thought for years that I must be truly bonkers to feel as passionately as I do about female amputees. Perhaps it is being an artist that allows my psyche to appreciate beauty as a relative matter. Yet, because there are so many labels attached to the admiration of the abbreviated form, I am truly not in haste to place another label on myself. Being defined as a lesbian is quite enough, thank you. So.......Yes, I will be over the moon when I find that special abbreviated woman whom I can admire for her lovely self. And, if I woke up in a hospital to discover myself an amputee, I would revel in the fact that I now had more, not less, to share with my love. While I wouldn't actively seek to have an amputation, I feel I would be more, not less, beautiful with one or more abbreviated legs. We all have our own style. And mine includes admiring and desiring the beautiful female amputee.

A Steamy Song