My Devotee: Intimate personalized fantasy stories for devotees and wannabes . . .

She was sitting in the sun dappled shade of the live oak, streamers of Spanish moss surrounding her. It was her silver forearm crutches on the blanket that caught my eye, and I nearly came to a stumbling halt there on the jogging path beside the lake . . .

TOGETHER. You and I. Amputee and admirer . . .

I bent, hands on knees, pretending to be out of breath, but watching her intently out of the corner of my eye. Could it be? Was she? Could she be "The One?"

Together we will create the fantasy of your wildest imaginings, your favorite scenarios (sweet or sexual) with that one lover that you have never stopped dreaming of:

Was she? I couldn't tell for sure. Her hair was a shimmering blonde, and gleamed in the light. Her legs were tucked under the soft pastel dress, the blue skirt full and concealing. Then, she put the magazine down on the blanket beside her and reached for her silver crutches. My heart was pounding and sweat poured down my back. My God, was this happening?

Together. You and I will create your ultimate fantasy to read over and over in the privacy of your own bedroom. A personalized fantasy just as real as if you were caressing her soft, warm skin. Just as real as if she were caressing you with her soft, warm stump:

With one graceful movement she grasped both crutches in one arm, pushed off gently with her free hand, and stood up. I watched her smoothly fit her arms into those crutches, her small hands grasping the grips. Only one bare, tanned foot peeked out from beneath her dress. The sun dipped behind a cloud and the spring breeze pressed her dress in soft waves across her thighs.. On the left side, the thin fabric molded her stump. It was gently rounded and seemed to stop at mid-thigh . . .

I want to know your dreams and desires. I am an amputee, but most of all I am a woman who understands how to satisfy your devotion to a very special kind of lover:

I felt slightly faint, my dick hardening as my heart pounded. How could I meet this girl? How could I taste her sweet-smelling skin? How could I feel her under my hands? Suddenly the sun broke out and streamed through the thin cotton of her dress, her stump revealed as if there were no material at all separating her beautiful half-leg from my eyes, from my touch . . .


Let's find out together. Let me help you create your ultimate fantasy. I want to satisfy your desires, your special bedtime dreams. Let me be your partner in love, lust and devotion.

Share with me all the details of your special lover, and I will create personal romantic, erotic stories for you to enjoy again and again. Bedtime stories for my devoted admirer:

Three easy steps to receive your intimate, personalized bedtime stories:

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In two to three weeks you will be able to read your personal fantasy, brought to life in an erotic bedtime story written about you, for you!

When you receive your very personal bedtime story, I will also include a note telling you how I felt as I wrote this fantasy especially for you....what you made me feel and experience.

Until we meet in your dreams, my devoted one,

Your DreamWeaver


"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart 's affections and the truth of the imagination...what the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth . . . whether it existed before or not." --Keats--

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