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Amputee (Mf, pd),, Sun, 23 Apr 1995 16:33:42 UTC (27K)
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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 16:33:42 UTC
Subject: Amputee (Mf, pd)
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	As I enter her hospital room I see her lying on her bed. Shannon, 
a beautiful 11 year old girl, long shoulder length red hair, freckled 
face. She has on her hospital gown and is just watching television, 
looking morose. Her legs are covered by the bed sheet.
	"Hi Shannon, my name's Bob," I say, smiling at her.
	"Are you another doctor?" she asks.
	"No, I'm just here to talk to you."
	"About what?"
	"About tomorrow," I answer.
	"I don't want to talk about it," she says, turning away from me.
	Shannon unfortunately has bone cancer in her lower right leg. So 
tomorrow it has to come off. I've already been told it will be a 
mid-thigh amputation. I walk around to the side of the bed she turned 
	"I'm sure you're tired of talking about it, Shannon. But I'm not 
with the hospital. I volunteer to come here and talk to kids that are 
facing what you are, losing a leg. See, I lost part of mine when I was 
15. I'm 26 now and it doesn't limit me."
	She looks up at me. I get a better look at her long slender face, 
big green eyes, pouty lips. She really is a stunning girl. "Why?" she 
asks me.
	"I was born with a birth defect, had to wear a heavy brace all my 
life because of the deformity. Even broke my leg twice, once when I was 
your age. The doctors said I could go on like that, or have an 
amputation and wear a prosthesis, a plastic leg. My mom had two men she 
knew that were amputees come and talk to me. It helped me make my 
decision. So, at 15, I had an elective amputation, my choice. That's 
why I'm here, to talk to you about what it's like to be an amputee."
	"You CHOSE it?"
	"Yup. It's a different situation for you, I know. You don't have 
a choice. But the result's the same. You're going to have to wear a 
longer leg than me, though. Mine is just below knee."
	"They're going to cut my leg off here," she says, pulling the 
sheet aside and pointing to her thigh. Her gown comes to her knees. She 
has lovely shapely calves, except on the right where a visible bump 
shows near her ankle.
	"I know. I didn't lose that much, and your new leg with have an 
artificial knee. That makes it a bit different than mine. Want to see?"
	"Uh, yeah..."
	I pull up my pant leg, exposing my prosthesis. "That's ugly!" she 
	"I know, but you'll have a much better looking leg. Again, I 
choose to keep mine simple, not attractive. Yours will be more shapely, 
built to look like your other leg."
	"Mom can't afford much. What's it cost?"
	"No need to worry. That's the other reason I'm here. I make a lot 
of money Shannon, And I donate some of it to kids like you, who's 
families can't afford what might look or work better for them. The leg 
you'll get will be custom made. It'll be hard for anyone to now it's 
not real."
	"But I'm a girl! At least your pants cover yours. I won't be able 
to wear dresses!"
	"Yes you will, and pantyhose, and anything else you like, I 
	"And... and there's so many other things, like swimming and 
sports and... and... boys!" she says, whimpering, tears in her eyes.
	I take her soft little hand in mine. "OK, let's start from the 
top. Swimming. I go swimming a lot, even dive off the high board. And I 
ski, play basketball and racquet ball. As for boyfriends, well, I've 
had lots of girlfriends. I was married for several years until my wife 
died in a car accident. You're going to find that your prosthesis will 
only limit you if you let it. And there are a lot of boys out there 
that won't care about it. They'll love you for you. The leg won't 
matter at all."
	We talk for over an hour, me holding her hand most of the time. 
When her mother arrives I introduce myself. She's been told about me, 
thanks me for coming in. Shannon tells her she feels a little better, 
asks me if I'll be back to visit her. I assure her I will. Before I 
leave Shannon sits up and gives me a big hug, my hands caressing her 
smooth bare back.

	I visit Shannon in the recovery room the next day. She looks so 
pitiful, her hair matted down, her face puffy from the surgery and 
anesthesia. I hold her hand again, stroke her head, reassure her some 
more. I visit her every day. On the third day I arrange for a 
beautician to visit her, wash her hair and fix it up for her. When I 
see her later that day she's smiling again.
	"You look very pretty, Shannon," I tell her as I sit on her bed.
	Her smile disappears. "No I don't. I'm crippled! No one will look 
at me."
	"Hey hey, you look at me don't you? Does my leg make me ugly?"
	"No... you're very handsome I think."
	"Why thank you girl!" I respond. "And if I may say so you're the 
prettiest girl I've ever known!"
	"But LOOK at THIS!" she says, pulling the sheet back and her gown 
	I look, intensely, but not really at what she's showing me, her 
initial prosthesis. I look at her smooth soft left thigh, her panty 
covered pussy, her slit, nicely outlined through the cotton. Her hips 
are slender but nicely curved.
	"Shannon, that's just your post-operative leg," I tell her, "the 
one you'll use to learn to walk again. We'll get you a much better one 
later. Tomorrow's your first day in PT. Think about that instead."
	"Can... will.. you be there?"
	"If you want me to be."
	"Yeah, please?" she says, hugging me again. I hold her little 
body to me, caressing her bare back again.

	I meet Shannon in her room, wheel her down to PT. I remember the 
first session myself. Trying to stand on something that didn't feel 
real, the initial pain of the first step. I worked as a PT aide for 
years before moving on, so the hospital staff let me help the kids. I 
wheel Shannon to the parallel bars, lock her chair.
	"OK girl, time for your first steps," I tell her, smiling. "Stand 
up on your good leg first."
	"Help... help me...."
	"Sure." I put my hands under her arms, my palms actually on her 
chest. For the first time I'm aware she has tiny budding breasts, but 
she doesn't notice quite where my hands are. I help her stand up. "OK, 
now just stand there until I can get behind you." I slip under the bar, 
pull her chair back, move behind her.
	Her gown is tied only at the neck, draping open behind her. I 
look at her nice back, freckled a bit, down her slim curved waist, then 
down to her perfectly rounded little ass in her cotton panties. Her 
panties have ridden up a bit, drawn into her cleft, revealing the 
curves of her ass cheeks where they meet her thighs. My cock starts 
growing hard at the sight of this lovely filly.
	My hands go under her arms again, my fingertips pressing the 
sides of her little breast mounds. "Now, Shannon, put some weight on 
your prosthesis, slowly."
	"Ouch! It hurts!" she sobs, shifting her weight back to her good 
	"I know honey, but it won't for long, Trust me. I've been there 
too. Put as much weight on it as you can, and use your arms on the 
bars. But you have to take a step."
	Like the little trooper I now she is she takes her first limping 
step, her tiny tits jiggling. I move my hands to her slender waist, 
over her gown. "Now, let's get to the end of the bars, Shannon. I know 
you can." Gasping, she slowly moves down the bars, limping painfully, 
as I help support her, loving her softness under my hands.
	At the end of the bars she stumbles as she tries to turn around. 
I grab her, cupping my hand over her small left breast, a mere grape 
sized mass under my palm, firm yet so soft. She recovers, turns, and I 
move behind her again. My hands go to her waist, this time under her 
gown. She doesn't notice. My hands feel her smooth flesh as she limps 
back to her chair.
	Over the next few weeks Shannon learns to walk without the bars. 
On her first attempt I'm behind her, not holding on to her. She 
stumbles again and my arms wrap around her young body, her buttocks 
pressed hard against my cock. I don't think she notices it get hard as 
I help her stand again. We take short than long walks around the 
hospital for a few days, then she's discharged home.

	I visit Shannon and her mom often, helping Shannon learn to 
negotiate around her house, down the few steps on her porch. Finally 
it's time to get her 'real' leg. She's excited and bubbly as I drive 
her to the shop. I introduce her to Fred, the limb maker. He knows what 
I expect, since I'm paying for it.
	I take Shannon back to the work room, help her off with her 
shorts and up on the table. I help her remove her temporary leg.
	"Look how ugly that is," she moans as I remove her stump socks.
	"Shannon," I say, smiling up at her. "Nothing about you is ugly!" 
I tell her as I gently caress the end of her leg.
	She smiles wanly at me as I glance between her legs. She has to 
spread her legs wide so Fred can apply the casting material to her 
stump. She watches him intently, but I gaze at her pantied pussy, her 
panties pulled tight across her girl sex, the material sinking slightly 
into her young slit. I hold my hands in front of me to cover the bulge 
in my pants as I imagine her sweet cunt, what it must feel and taste 
	After the form has dried and been removed I measure her 'good' 
leg as Fred writes down the numbers. First I mark her leg at one inch 
intervals, holding the tape measure against her as I do. Then I measure 
the circumference at each point, feeling her smooth skin as I do. I 
almost cum in my pants when I do her thigh.
	A week later we go back for the first fitting. Again I help her 
get her shorts and temporary leg off. Today she's wearing silky 
panties, smaller than her usual cotton ones! I gasp as I look between 
her legs, the material perfectly outlining her cunny lips and slit, 
puffy and full. I insist she close her eyes as Fred brings in her new 
lag, and keep them closed as we help her into it. I help her stand, ask 
her to lift her shirt some so I can fasten the belt around her waist. 
She pulls her shirt up higher than need be, revealing the bottom of her 
training bra. I look at her narrow waist, her perfect almost 
translucent skin as I buckle the belt around her.
	Fred moves the mirror closer as I step behind her. These silk 
panties barely cover her ass. I wonder at her perfect globes, so creamy 
smooth. I resist the temptation to fondle them. As she opens her eyes 
she gasps.
	"Wow! It almost looks real!" she yells. Fred's done a good job. 
The color matches her skin tone precisely. The calf of the prosthesis 
is a perfect match to the gentle curve of her other leg. Using the 
newest technology the knee shows no openings, blending smoothly into 
the calf below and the thigh above. Of course, the thigh is thicker 
than her good leg, as it has to be, and the straps up to the waist belt 
are obvious.
	I move around to face her, see her smile. "Take a few steps 
Shannon," I tell her. As she hesitantly than surely walks past me I 
watch her cunny, then her rear end in appreciation. She turns and walks 
	"It feels good!" she says.
	"I have a present for you Shannon," I tell her. Reaching into the 
bag I brought I pull out three other packages. I hand her the sheer 
pantyhose I bought for her. "Put these on and see how it looks." I 
watch as she slides them up her legs, pulls them tight against her 
crotch. "Now for this," I tell her, removing the new skirt from the 
other package.
	"Oh, that's so pretty!" she squeals, putting it on.
	"And this," I say, handing her a frilly blouse.
	Without hesitation she pulls her shirt off over her head. God! 
What a PERFECT little girl body she has! Nice tiny tits in her training 
bra, freckles across her chest. Too quickly she has the blouse on.
	She looks at herself in the mirror. "You can hardly tell!" she 
shrieks, a broad smile on her face.
	I move over to her, put my arm around her slim shoulders. "Well, 
you can't wear mini-skirts, but as long as the clothes reach your knees 
it'll be hard for anyone to know."
	Shannon turns to me, gives me a delicious big hug.

	A month later Shannon joins me at my house, dropped off by her 
mother who has to work that day. Today is to be her first swimming 
lesson in my pool. I change faster than she does, and wait for her 
outside. She exits the house as I look at her walking over to me. She 
has on a great two piece suit, just enough fabric to cover her cunny, 
her top stretched tight across her chest, flattening her tiny boobs.
	"Hey girl," I say as she approaches, "looking good! You don't 
even limp anymore!"
	"Yeah, but you sure can't miss THIS," she says, kicking her 
prosthesis out.
	"Shannon, you look so good people will take one glance at that, 
forget it, and look at YOU!"
	"Yeah, sure," she says quietly.
	"Honey, one thing my grandmother taught me was an old saying. 
'Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.' 
Believe me, it's true."
	"Do you go swimming other places like that?" she asks.
	"Well... I guess... I mean... I don't really notice your leg 
either. You're so handsome I just look at you," she says, gazing at my 
	"Why, thank you, Shannon! And you have a very pretty body," I 
tell her, admiring her young curves. She smiles at me at last. "Come 
on, time to swim." We walk over to the edge of the pool, sit down and 
remove our legs. I jump in first. Shannon joins me. I show her how I 
can swim easily to the other side and back. "Now you."
	"I'm... I'm afraid..." she stutters, holding onto the edge of the 
	"Hey! Think I'd let anything happen to you? I'm here. I'll help."
	She makes her first attempt, almost sinks. But I grab her, one 
hand on her soft tummy, the other on her smooth thigh, holding her up. 
I tell her how to compensate for her missing leg, how to paddle harder 
with her arms. My hands support her as she tries, my cock growing from 
the feel of her body, the look of her ass in her wet suit. I slip my 
one hand up to the bottom of her suit top, the other near her sex as 
she gets the hang of it, enjoying her thigh muscles flexing under me. 
My other hand slips further up, cupping her developing breast.
	Thirty minutes of practice later we get out of the pool. I hop 
over to a chair, helping Shannon hop beside me. I sit down. To my 
astonishment she plops down on my lap. She leans against me as I 
casually rest my hand on her hip.
	"That's still ugly," she says, looking at her stump, her head on 
my shoulder.
	"Shannon," I say, placing my other hand on the end of her severed 
thigh. "It's only ugly if you think it is. No one that loves you will 
care," I tell her, caressing the end of her leg. My hand wanders up to 
her crotch, back down, back up, massaging her smooth skin.
	"You're only saying that because you lost part of your leg too. 
No boys will ever like me."
	"You couldn't be more wrong, honey. You're a very beautiful girl, 
bright, intelligent. You have a magnificent body. No guy is going to 
care about this," I tell her, squeezing the end of her stump gently. We 
talk and kind of cuddle together for a while, then put on our legs and 
go back to the house.

	We have a snack, watch some TV, still in our swim suits. Shannon 
sits next to me, my arm around her body.
	"What'd this cost you?" she asks, pointing to her new leg.
	"Don't worry about it," I tell her.
	"NO! I want to know. Please?"
	"Well, uh, nine thousand dollars."
	"Nine THOUSAND?!? That's about what my mom earns in a YEAR! Why'd 
you do this for me?"
	"Shannon, I've helped lots of kids like you. I told you, I can 
afford it."
	"But... but you could have gotten me a cheaper leg."
	"Yeah, but you wouldn't have liked it. And it wouldn't look as 
good. Shannon, you're a beautiful young girl. You deserve the best."
	She smiles at me, her pretty pouty lips so cute. She leans into 
me, kisses me, her breast mounds pressing into my chest. "You're a 
great guy! I love you!"
	"I love you too, sweetie," I tell her, hugging her close.

	"OUCH!" she screams suddenly, jerking away.
	"What is it honey?" I ask.
	"OWWWWWWW! My Leg! It Hurts!"
	"Right below my kneeeeeeeee! How? OUCH!"
	I pull her back to me, hug her as she cries. "I'm sorry, Shannon. 
Guess I forgot to tell you about phantom pain."
	"What? What's that?" she asks, whimpering, squeezing into me.
	"It's caused by the nerve endings in your stump. Sometimes they 
act up, fire off erratically. It can feel to your brain like your leg 
is still there. And it can hurt. I had phantom pain for a while at 
first. Now it's rare. If yours continues too long, or hurts too much, 
sometimes it can be helped by a stump revision."
	"You... you mean... another operation?"
	"Maybe. But don't worry about that now."
	"Ohhhhhh... it hurts," she moans, hugging me tightly.
	"Maybe I can help," I tell her. I get up, kneel on the floor in 
front of her. I help her remove her prosthesis. I touch the end of her 
stump. "The nerve endings are here," I tell her, "but the nerves 
themselves follow their normal course," my finger tracing up her thigh. 
"Most of the time you can find a point where if you scratch or press on 
it the pain stops. Let me try."
	I start at the end of her pretty half-thigh, first scratching it 
with my fingernail, then pressing down. I work my way up her silky 
inner thigh, my cock hardening as I touch her. My hand reaches the top 
of her leg, my knuckles against her sex, my cock stiff. As I push in at 
that spot she moans. "Yes, that's it. The pain's almost gone." I keep 
the slight pressure on, looking between her legs, wondering what her 
cunt looks like.
	"That feels good," she says, her hand pressing mine to her pussy. 
Oh lord! Is what I've been dreaming about really happening? She looks 
at me, smiling.
	"You think I haven't noticed? How you touched me teaching me to 
walk? How your hand accidently touched my breast? How you looked at me 
during the fittings? Felt my leg when you measured me? Looked at my 
chest when I put the blouse on that you bought for me? Felt me up in 
the pool? And now?"
	"Uh, Shannon..." I mutter, pulling my hand away. "I'm sorry if 
you... if I..."
	"No! I liked it! You're so darn good looking," she says, her eyes 
gliding over my body. "So strong. And you always tell me how pretty I 
	"That you are, Shannon. Very pretty," I tell her.
	"Even with this?" she asks, lifting her stump.
	"Yeah, even with that," I answer, bending down to kiss the end of 
her thigh, my cock throbbing. I lick her soft stump.
	"Oooooo, that feels nice," she says.
	I kiss and lick my way up her abbreviated thigh, finally planting 
a firm kiss right against her suited pussy. "Mmmmm..." she moans as I 
kiss my way up her flat tummy across her flat middle chest to her neck. 
I nuzzle against it as my hands feel her hips. I kiss up her neck to 
her cheek. Looking into to her eyes I say "I love you, Shannon."
	"Oh Bob, I love you, too," she answers. I lean in, kiss her sweet 
lips, holding her to me. I kiss back down her neck to her freckled 
chest, my hands behind her, untying her suit top. I lean back, removing 
it as she extends her arms. She leans back again as I marvel at her 
budding boobs. A little larger than grapes now they sit high on her 
chest, nice large areolae covering each one. Her nipples are erect and 
hard at the centers.
	"They're kinda tiny," she tells me.
	"But perfect," I respond, leaning down to lick my tongue across 
one luscious nipple. I suck it into my mouth, caress it with my tongue, 
the hard center nub thrilling my cock. "Ohhhhhhh..." she whispers as I 
tongue one tit, then the other, making them swell even more. I nurse at 
her fine nipples until she's panting, then kiss down her flat tummy, 
planting a hard kiss right against her still covered cunt.
	My hands move to her hips, at the top of her suit. "May I?" I 
	"Ye... yes," she answers.
	I grasp her bikini bottoms, slowly pull them down and off. She 
spreads her lush thighs for me. "Oh God, Shannon, you have such a 
beautiful body," I tell her, staring at her finally bare pussy. I look 
at her juvenile sex, so flawless, with a few short strands of hair 
along her slit. Nice baby fat outer lips, spread open, revealing her 
thin inner lips and clit hood. I can just see the top rim of her 
cherry. I run my hands up her legs to her cunny, my fingertips running 
top to bottom down her pussy lips, so soft and smooth. My thumbs 
retract her clit hood, her small soft clit visible now. I bend down to 
kiss it, flick it with my tongue. "Unhhhhhhh...." she wails at the 
touch of my tongue against her sex. I poke my tongue between her lips 
at the bottom, lick up between her velvety lips, loving her juvenile 
smell and taste.
	My tongue glides over her clit as she groans and arches up to me. 
I suck it into my mouth until it is hard, poking up under its hood on 
its own. My hands massage her sweet little breasts as my tongue presses 
into her vagina, tasting her glimmering cherry. In moments her slender 
pre-teen body stiffens, convulses with her climax, shuddering under me 
as I suck on her clit again. I swallow her pussy juice as she cums, 
noting the change in the odor of her cunt, more musky now.
	When her orgasm winds down I kiss her cunny slit again before 
leaning back to look at her comely face, relaxed, mouth open, 
recovering from her climax. I press between her legs, hands on her 
	"Oh Bob, what... what happened?" she whimpers.
	"You've never felt that? Then you've just had your first orgasm," 
I tell her.
	"Wow!" is all she can reply.

	"Come with me," I tell her, my one arm under her downy thighs, my 
other around her shoulders. I lift her up, carry her supple naked body 
to my bedroom, sit her down on the bed. I stand before her, slip out of 
my swim trunks, my hard cock popping up, her eyes popping open at the 
	"I... I've never seen a... penis... before..." she stammers, 
looking at my cock. I stroke my cock slowly in front of her as she 
watches me masturbate. I release my hand. "Would you lick my penis, my 
cock, Shannon, like I licked your pussy? Please?"
	"O... OK..." She leans forward, her tongue sticking out, 
tentatively touching my cock head. I lean down, pick up her hand, place 
it on my cock. "Open your mouth, Shannon," I ask. As she does I press 
my cock between her soft lips. "Oh baby, suck it," I say. Her mouth 
closes on my rod as she sucks me in, her tongue circling me. Without 
having to ask her hand starts masturbating me as she licks. "Ummm, 
Shannon..." I moan as this little girl blows me. I grasp her head, pump 
my cock in and out of her, fucking her mouth as her tongue licks my 
cock head. "Ohhhh Shannon... Shannon..." I screech, my balls pulling 
up, cock throbbing, as the first jet of my cum explodes down her 
throat. She pulls back in astonishment, my cock pumping the rest of my 
jism onto her breasts as she watches.
	I sit next to her and remove my leg, wipe my semen off her chest. 
I wrap my arms around her warm body, kiss her, my hand on her sex.
	"Ohhhh... you want to... you know... with me..." she says.
	"Yeah, I want to Shannon," I reply.
	"Me too..." she answers.
	We both slide to the center of the bed, lie down. I hold her and 
kiss her lovingly, my hands ranging over her young body, down to 
massage her stump, then back up to her wet cunny as I kiss and suckle 
her breasts again. My cock grows hard again as I massage her little 
clit, move down to eat her tasty cunny a second time. I lick her pussy 
lips, between them, into her vagina to feel her virgin cherry with my 
tongue. I lick up her cunt juice, move up to her clit, work at it again 
and again until she screams, her climax blasting through her.
	I move up, over her supple pre-teen body, lodging my cock against 
her cunt. I pump it against her cunny lips, kissing her, holding her, 
loving her. I feel her severed thigh against my 'good' leg. I shift 
over, my rock hard prick on her stump. "Rub it against my cock," I 
whisper. The soft flesh of her amputated leg caresses my cock, my sack 
and balls. I nuzzle against her neck, telling her how good it feels. My 
fingers tweak her firm nipple, run down her skin to her cunt, back up 
to her breast.
	"Bob?.... Uh.... make... make love... to me..." she says softly.
	I look at her beautiful face, smile at her, kiss her passionately 
as I move between her thighs, my cock at her cunt. My hand guides my 
cock head to her opening, slipping between her soft pussy lips.
	"Oh God, Shannon, I want you, I want to be in you. Are you sure?"
	"Yes... I want to feel you in me too..."
	I press down, my cock piercing her sweet sex. My cock head feels 
her virgin cherry, busts through it into her satiny smooth wet vagina.
	"OOOOOOOOO.... OUCH!" she yells as her maidenhead is destroyed. I 
hold her, kiss her neck, her cheek, as I push my rod deep into her 
body. Her virgin blood lubricates her cunny, warming my cock even more. 
I lie still, feeling her cunt grab me, waiting for the pain to go away. 
She looks at me, smiles. "Um, that feels good now..."
	I kiss her lovingly as I pull my cock out of her pussy, slowly 
push it back in. "Mmmmmm...." Shannon moans as I penetrate her over and 
over. I reach down to massage her stump as I fuck her, the feel of it 
driving me on. My pubic bone presses against her clit with each plunge. 
Her lovely little chest flushes bright pink as her climax builds. 
"Mmmmmmm.... oh.... OOOOOO... OH... OH... YE... YESSSSSS!" she bellows, 
pushing up to me, sinking my cock deep in her cunt as she cums hard, 
burying her face in my chest. "OH GOD!" she screams, her tight vagina 
squeezing my throbbing cock. Moments later my cum spews into her as my 
voice joins hers in pleasurable agony. "OH SHANNON... SHANNON..." I 
yell, my semen filling her little 11 year old vagina, squirting out as 
I fuck her harder and faster, her cunny milking out the last drop.
	Satiated, I roll to the side, grasping her to me, my cock still 
embedded in her hole. I hold my young lover, caress her smoothness, her 
stump, kiss her repeatedly until my cock finally softens and slips out. 
We hold each other close, drop into a restful sleep.
	When I wake I look at my naked girl lover, her pretty face, her 
freckled developing breasts, her hairless cum and blood stained cunny, 
her smooth stump. She wakes as I rub my own stump against her cunt. We 
kiss, touch each other everywhere, her hand wonderful on my cock. I 
enter her sweet vagina as we fuck slowly, deliberately, until my cum 
fills her again. We hop to the shower together. I wash her sweet young 
body with my hands, clean her pussy lovingly. I kneel before her in the 
warm water, lick her sweet sex until she screams with delight. I sit on 
the shower floor, Shannon on top of me, my cock burrowing into her 
cunny. She moves over me, fucking my cock as I caress her stump, nurse 
at her tiny tits. She impales herself on me as we cum together again, 
sits quietly, hugging me, as my cock finally slips out. We wash each 
other again, get out of the shower.
	I dry her pretty girl body. She dries me. We dress, kiss, hug 
each other as we talk for a while before I take her home. Shannon and I 
remain lovers for several years. I watch her breasts grow to a nice 
perfect A-cup, her pussy hair fill out. We have to part, crying, when 
she and her mother move to another state.
	I have a new child to visit, Sandi, a cute blonde 7 year old girl 
who lost her entire leg in an auto accident. She'll be my next child 
lover, the youngest yet. I jack off that night, remembering Shannon, 
and imagining Sandi's really small tight cunny.

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