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Monday, January 17, 2022 - 3.20 PM

I decided to remove all the model sets from the shop and offer them totally for free. They are uploading now in the model pictures & movies folder. A whole work, since it contains all the pictures from all the models during the many years and many of them are in a very high resolution. Only a few books and 'The Collection' are now available in the shop.
What an end of the year 2021 and what a start of the new year 2022... At least for me.
Coming to Porto, Portugal what isn't a nice city in my eyes, but there was nothing wheelchair accessible for rent in Lisbon. Then ending up over sick and back to the hospital. One here in Porto and I've never seen such an unfriendly staff. Also very old, looks more as the hospitals 100 years ago. And yes, again the same problem with my lung.
A very lonely Christmas and New Year whereby I discovered how anti social people in Europe are. No one talks here to no one. Even here where I am (only a little room I found) no one from the other people who rent here talk to each other. It is very depressing and even in Brazil, the Philippines and Florida USA, the people where more open minded. More talkative. More social. Or, -are they afraid to talk to an amputee in the wheelchair?
I know that in many countries they think that an amputee can't do anything and that many people are not into a friendship with 'a plant in the wheelchair'.