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Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 5.29 PM
A new 'Amputee Alex Talks' was finally made today. Part 06 is now online. You find it at YouTube and we have it here.
In this part Alex talks about leaving the Philippines, being 3 months in 3 different hospitals in 2 countries and much more.
Just made with a regular Samsung A12 cell phone, but that's the best we have at this moment.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 7.25 PM

The good news? There is back a real live chat room on Ampu-Love. Not one to request help with the website in a seperated pop-up box, but one where Amputees, devotees and Wannabes can talk with each other. Years ago we had this on the website and it was a big success. Now, on request by a few people we opened again a chat.
To attract people, we added a first chat event what you can follow on our main page. So, be all there at Friday, October 29 at 8.00 pm (GMT time). To enter the Ampu-Love's Chat Room, click on the banner here:

We would like to know from our visitors what kind of Amputee Movies you like. So we can offer you all in the future better materials, oriented to the interests of our visitors. We know that many people adore single and double above the knee.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 10.56 PM

The 'world of hospitals' is probably over for me. My Klebsiela bacteria is loosing the war. No bleedings came back but it isn't clear sometimes why someone survive such an illness. Sometimes I believe in the expression 'things happens for a reason'.
Being in Belgium isn't for sure my favorite target. Being so many years away makes it for me difficult to be here and I even can say that I can't get used on being here.
Many nights I dream bout the Philippines; People I know over there; Being there...
In many ways I consider the Philippines as a bad experience, but there were also nice and unforgettable memories. There are even moments that I think that I better had staid over there; Even sick and dying; Even illegal.
At least over there were always people around and I never was alone. Over here I don't see anyone during whole days and I even could pray, if that would bring over some visit. Loneliness is an hell and maybe as being an amputee without legs and one arm it's even a bigger hell. In Northern Europe it is very difficult to make friends. Most people over here love the words 'keeping distance'. How more South and further to warmer countries, people become more warmer and are much more opener for social contact.
I try to quit smoking, but what a hell. I use nicotine pads, but for someone that smokes normally four packs a day it is impossible to quit it completely. When I was in the hospital; Being more dead sick then alive I didn't thought on cigarettes.
Reading comics, collecting comics and from time to time my own retarded and pretty sarcastic comics. In March I made one, but I only colored it a few days ago. Here it is. More are at my comic page in 'The Directory'.


Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 11.19 AM

Realizing that the only possible way I have now is to return to the Service Flat I was in before I came here to the hospital. Expensive and being surrounded by old people. Not funny at all, but in my eyes for now the only possible solution. Afterwards I still can see what I do. Now it is only to find out with the doctors over here how much more time I should need to stay in the hospital. I really don't like to be in Belgium, but there is no other way. My girl is still in the Philippines and was always there for me and with me, but there was no any possibility that time that she could come with me.
People from the Philippines are not allowed to leave the country as a tourist; Only when it is to work abroad.
Now this morning I received a message from here. She is worried because they brought her to the hospital with corona symptoms and off course now I am worried too.
This are a few pictures from when I was in the Philippines with her:

Some people will recognize her. It is indeed Chen from and a real pretender, what makes us even more special. She's missing one toe and don't ask me why, that you can ask her, by contacting her through her website.

Friday, October 1, 2021 - 7.37 PM

Amazing on a few days time how much better and stronger I feel. Ready to leave the world of hospitals behind. But first making sure that my lung don't start bleeding again. I can't wait to restart normal life again and doing back all the nice things I did before I ever left to the Philippines. That really destroyed my health and many possibilities. It was a waste of time and energy. Maybe one day I write a book about my almost 3 years stay in the Philippines.
I really want to return to Portugal again; Where I really like it and where I feel I belong. I came from there only for one reason to Belgium and that was to enter the hospital for my health problem. For me no reason to stay over here longer then necessary. The problem is how to take the many kilos comic books with me that are here with me. I collected them before and started to collect them again. All that weight I maybe better can have send to me then taking it all with me. That would be too crazy and too expensive. But that's not a problem for now.
I started conversations with a photographer guy in Africa about new amputee models and new possibilities'. Our idea goes into the direction to bring high quality movies in 1080 or even 4k, but that's for the future.
A few pictures from me about seven weeks ago, while I was in Portugal:


Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 2.36 PM

One month not writing, but it was a very hectic month. One month in the hospital for my lung problem; 4 days out and all started over again. Now already 10 days in the hospital of Leuven, Belgium where they discovered I have an Aziatic bacteria named Burkmocderia Pseudomallei that cause Melioidose... But yesterday the doctor came to tell me that they discovered another bacteria; Not knowing the name, -or what it is... yet... In that way it all keeps me busy and you can't plan anything seriously in life. They know I want to return to Portugal, but then in a better condition then I am; More secure. On some point that I know I will not blood out again from my lung. But that all gonna take a while. In the hospital of Aalst, Belgium I did catch corona. Not funny at all. Fourteen days sleeping and a fever sick feeling without having energy.
Now trying already a few days to use my few energy that came back, trying to concentrate me on websites and my book writings. I am easy getting tired, but also being so tired of being totally more then 10 weeks in different hospitals. Also being more then 10 weeks on different antibiotics through infuse and pills. What I will be glad once all this will be over and belong to the past. Being almost 3 months back from the Philippines, but only one week seeing freedom and all the other weeks and days in hospitals? That's not me. I am a very active person, not a sleeping 'mummy' without energy as I see and feel it now.

Sunday, August 29, 2021 - 4.19 PM

What an ape country this little ugly Belgium. I was born here (unfortunately) but always 'disliked' it. WTF am I doing here; More blood comes out of my lunges; They don't care, but the diabetic shit got prior. I am not here for that. Anyway, soon I leave, back to where I belong.
The biggest surprise? I got covid 19 (corona) a few days ago. From what? From going 3 times a day with a mouth cover given in an hospital to a freezing to death smoking corner? Whole days in bed sleeping, being weak and even amazing that I can sit straight up right now for a moment.
Being almost tree years in the Philippines and having been there since the start of corona. Surrounded by so many people and never got any corona. Only bad things happens to me in this little dwarf country what president Trump called 'Hellhole', and right he was / is.
Ampu-Love hosting is paid for one more month. It is getting pretty expensive without any orders, so a few sections will be reduced so we can reduce the hosting packages, what will it makes cheaper.

Saturday, August 21, 2021 - 11.54 AM
I do realize now that I came to Belgium for nothing and better had staid in Portugal. Exactly the same results, only a different antibiotics I need to take and a huge temperature difference. Belgium is and will stay always a very cold country while Portugal, the country with the nice blue sky without grey clouds (most of the time) is much warmer and much cheaper. Belgium became so expensive that I even think by myself: 'How people really can survive over here?'.
Saturday, August 7, 2021 - 10.15 PM

Tomorrow it will be one month ago that I left the Philippines. I still can't believe I am out of that hellhole that brought me more bad then good. It was a hell to get out of that country. So many documents to arrange before you even can leave.
I first went to Portugal, but was there two weeks in the hospital for the problem I have already more then a year. Bleeding out of my lung and being so over thin. But even after two weeks they couldn't told me what I had. Could be an infection, lung cancer or TBC (tuberculoses). Finally I left the hospital, not knowing correctly what I really had.
I made the smart decision to give up my wild travel dreams and to live in foreigner countries. I headed straight to my country of origin: Belgium, where I am now; And in the Hospital again.
At least the doctor, specialized in lungs could confirm me already it isn't TBC, but there is a big chance it is a tumor. Next Wednesday there will be more investigations. They found a bacteria back that is also in certain cancers. But at this moment I try not to think about that all.
Here at Ampu-Love we started with a members area. over 2500 full movies, exclusive sets, models, materials and that with a total of 99.623 totally online files till now. I hope you are interested in joining a membership on the cheap start prices till August 31 this month. At least with this European fast internet it is easy now to upload huge files.
We upload; You download...

Now at the Belgian Hospital

Saturday, May 15, 2021 - 01.13 PM

We met (drunk) Lei, our model,... Now our ex model. We knew her 4 years, but after meeting her finally in reality, we discovered a totally different person then we thought she was. Drunk, Lei is more then okay, but once sober she is very arrogant and bossy. Then she think she rules the world. We had plans to make a new movie with her, but all those plans are totally canceled. Anyway, our Asiatic plans are totally canceled. In a few weeks Alex from Ampu-Love finally returns back to Europe after 30 long months in the Philippines. Last week Lourdes, model from cocostump contacted us to become a model for Ampu-Love. The reason? Ampu-Love is for models from the whole planet. Not only for Asiatics. Here pictures from the (drunk) meeting with Lei...


Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 08.43 PM

I almost forgot that I did made and uploaded a new 'Amputee Alex talks' (part 5). The difference with the other four parts is that it is a mixture of not only talking, but also new movies from me over here. In this new part I have it about: 'Is Amputee Alex dying?', 'The tricycle', 'Inside the store', 'on the pool', etc... Anyway, you can see it here:

I am thinking on making more movies about myself but now there is a brand new strong lock down over here since today, so you really can't go any were. Yesterday I was in the shopping center, but even there, only the inside grocery store was open and no any other store was open. A very sad view, but knowing this isn't only over here but in thousands of other worldwide places.

'The Directory' is growing; More free updated Amputee Pictures and a few Amputee (full) movies. I really would upload more if the internet over here would act normal. About 'The Directory' the last Poll Question was: 'Should there be only Amputee pictures, or also different other Disability pictures. A few people answered 'Also other pictures'; But let me postpone the decision for later. Ampu-Love was in the first place for Amputees, Admirers and Wannabes. Maybe we should need to keep it that way.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 01.13 AM

I got contacted by a French transgender wannabe who asked me for help and asked me the most ridiculous questions.
Once he/she/it will have an amputation done for how much he/she/it can sell her amputated feet... And ended the chat with 'Today I gonna try to cut off already a leg'. Then he/she/it came back online (still with two legs on the body I suppose) and asked me or I know someone who would by his/her/it toes if he/she/it would cut them off.
If I really want retarded wacko talk, then I better can become a voluntary visitor from nearby psychiatric hospital, where I can listen the whole day to such a shit, without being online. Then at least I could see the face and even could laugh harder. Wannabes? Yes, but not those crazy bastards. I really think that some people don't have the corona virus in their lunges, but in their head.
A few weeks ago a freaky German female wannabe contacted me. Day and night without giving up. Wanted to have her legs off, then a few fingers and finally whatever she had in mind and that could change by day, -even by hour. Married, a son from 12 yo and she being a nurse. Opening a total world based on Fantasy wherein she told me to go to her house (to sleep between her and the husband, or what?); That she wanted to visit me in Portugal and that to live with me (with or without husby?), and so much more totally retard things that even don't belong to the world of normal wannabes as I did knew them before. Sending me pictures about how she wanted to have her fingers off (that day, that hour) but could change every day as I said before.

Here at Ampu-Love is more then enough information for the real wannabes (and devotees) as I know them and I am not in the need to be contacted by some people and their weirdest dreams. Normal devotees and wannabes? They, yes!
I do remember the contact many years with wannabe (now DAK amputee)  Corinne. That was real; Real calls and no shitty talks as they are now most of the time. What do I miss talking with that group of wannabes and admirers from the old generation. But I guess on more then 20 years Ampu-Love, some died and I know that many successfully wannabes disappear after reaching their amputation goal. Not everyone is as me, staying active and in contact with the wannabe world. Maybe a little bit dumb I sometimes think, but anyway here I still am ☺. 
Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 11.50 PM

More then a year ago the crazy Corona started. A picture from me that time.

Me, that time...

Wednesday, March  24, 2021 - 10.21 PM

Finally the new sets from the new model Nalyn are online. She is 27 years old and a right above the knee amputee from Manila. All the pictures are online, and only one of the two new sets are for sale. She lost her leg in a motorcycle accident and at the same moment, her husband became also disabled. Did we paid Nalyn? Yes, we paid a 3000 Philippines peso (see two proofs below included) and probably we gonna meet her in Manila in about two weeks, depending on the 'corona lock downs' over there, what is more crazier then in whatever world country.

Wednesday, March  17, 2021 - 12.21 AM
Still awake over here in Palawan (Puerto Princesa, the Philippines) and updating a lot of things as now the 'honor to WAYNE W. SMITH who is in the cartoons from Amputee Alex, already many years. People asked me who is Dr. SchmitZ in the cartoons? Here on the right is the answer. And please be so nice to write him a nice card or letter.
An amazing email I did received from my embassy today. They wanted to know my real plan of leaving the Philippines and told me to see a doctor about the blood that comes out of my lunges.
On that I answered that all the money I have and can get need to go 100 % in the return to Europe. Not into such a wacko 'I think I am a doctor' over here in this country. Healthcare is totally free in Europe and for sure not here. A visit to an hospital over here would cost me more then an airplane ticket to Europe. That is the truth. So, first leaving, then healthcare, or I will be still in twenty years here ☺.
Who is Yvan in the comics of Amputee Alex, and... Kelissia? Dr. Schneider? Well in the nearby future also for all them, also based on real figures, real people will be published. Funny, but many figures in the cartoons of Amputee Alex are based on real people in his life.
Sunday, March  14, 2021 - 04.31 AM

Already a few days I am updating 'The Directory'. The totally Free picture page here on Ampu-Love. Right now there are already 37952 amputee pictures online, and.... still uploading more. 
I received this week a few of the books I wrote and made a short intro movie about it, what I placed on YouTube.
Here it is:


Sunday, March  07, 2021 - 11.53 PM

The funny thing is that Ccbill, the company we used for many years for members subscriptions on our websites contacted us, that if we want to stay accepting visa payments, we need to pay a yearly fee of $500. That they also asked us a few years ago for staying accepting MasterCard, what we also refused. Our reaction? We stopped Ccbill and I took disabled-planet for good offline. Simple as that.
The good news? There are no more requirements needed to go back to Manila capital (the Philippines) and the flights back home (Portugal) with Emirates are so low as only $520. Does that mean I will be home soon? I guess so.
Yesterday in some friendship suggestions the most craziest names showed up, what shows again how fake that Facebook is and how filled it is with fake profiles from some Waco's that can't be themselves. I post the screen shots here below:


Tuesday, March  02, 2021 - 02.15 AM

A time ago a guy contacted me with the question to get in contact with some people I know; Amputees. After he got some contacts I only could hear complains. An amputee he came in contact with thanks to me contacted me. She got from the guy $100 (about 5400 Filipino pesos) gift / support that was for weeks on hold first on her PayPal. Then the guy took the money back and she went negative on her PayPal. I did send her the amount to her PayPal, so she didn't end up in problems. But there it go... 5400 pesos in the garbage. A 'hole' in my wallet thanks to a dishonest ape. His name? Well, STEPHEN COOPER ( After placing this message on different groups, to warn people; I only could see negative comments on him. Better keep your money in your wallet and don't support amputees if you don't mean it. For me? No one need to ask anymore information about the contacts and amputees I have.
Finally it is easy to get the documents here done to travel to Capital Manila. Once there it is a very little 'step' to finally return home after being too long in the Philippines.

Friday, February  19, 2021 - 10.21 AM

Some people ask or models get paid and how that works with websites. Well, some pay on percentage, some pay a fixed priced, some pay the two. On our sites we try to work mostly with fixed prices, since it isn't always easy to work with %'s. Some websites say that they pay a %, but don't inform or share always with the model the promised percentage. Also not always easy to pay out. Once we had a model in the Dominican Republic. She didn't had a bank account, she didn't had PayPal and to pick up money she needed to do a bus drive from more then two hours to go to a Western Union agency.
In the past we always tried to work with a one time payment but in a way that we gave extras. The extras could be somehow everything. Crutches, new sportive wheelchair, trips, travels, restaurants, etc... But also many times that we requested a second, third or even more sets. Many times the transfers to models went in different ways, even as extra phone credits (load).
Below we show you a few of the older payments done to models; A few contracts that were made up. But the real contracts we stopped a while ago since there is email and as we did on our website Disabled-Planet; The models needed to old a plate with on it 'Model for DisabledPlanet' what also was a clear sign that they really were / are our models.
Meanwhile again no internet. Really difficult to work and very frustrating.

Thursday, February  18, 2021 - 12.56 PM

And finally some more things arrived from the few Ampu-Love gadgets arrived. The pictures are below. Today I discovered the funny use of a 'selfie stick'. The funny part? You don't need to ask anyone anymore to make a picture of you. Do it all yourself and stop complaining when someone makes a picture of you that you don't like.
Another reorganization here at Ampu-Love is going on. A huge price drop on the most of the products and even till 70 % reduction. Some older sets are going now very low in price. All easy to make those website changes offline, but today the internet over here is more then dead. So, the new prices will be activated online later today.

A picture of Today

I received a message from the payment system of StumpTouch (.com), that in 14 days they will deactivate it, since by that time there will be no any new membership sign-up during the last 6 months. Funny is that after contacting them, the answer was that the only way to safe this is becoming a member of my own site. Perfect, so I will try out within 14 days a membership on my own websites.
Left a picture from today, but I stay with my opinion. With a cell phone you never get the quality of a real professional camera. Still waiting on the new ordered camera, but that will arrive end of this short month.
Now,... Waiting on the internet, then uploading big parts of Ampu-Love; Also the movie section what will be finally online.


Thursday, February  11, 2021 - 02.10 PM

If we are called crazy, then I prefer not to talk or react, but to block. Look the guy on the right side. Tried to reach me to have a conversation but started immediately that devotees and wannabes are crazy, after I did ask him or he is a devotee or wannabe, since 99 % of people that contact me are. Well, if he is right, then we are all crazy. Then all visitors of this website are nuts,... and a few millions of other devo's and wannabes. 'So long' my friend. On block and no waste of energy in such a people.
Then another guy contacted me, to request or I could sign his arm cast virtually. I told him the text to put on it; He wrote it on it.
"Castfully Greetings from Amputee Alex", is on it now, and the pictures from it were send to me. With the permission to use it. A funny idea came up in my mind... Why not writing on my stumps? Enough stumps to write on it I guess :-)...
From the 15 gadgets I ordered with a 1 day guaranteed delivery I received three. Two amputee oriented shirts and the coffee cup from Ampu-Love. Off course... The Philippines is a country where time isn't important.


Wednesday, February  10, 2021 - 05.32 PM

What a retarded country over here (the Philippines). Everyday something happens over here that no one from the Western world would understand. Ordering amputee oriented gadgets for the site, with a big company that is well known here. Promising, but only receiving text messages, about 5 phone calls with 'It is not in stock sir'; 'We don't have that color anymore', and so go on. But meanwhile everything was paid on the minute while I confirmed the orders. And do they mind? 95 % of the people over here don't mind about nothing and find all their over dumb actions and reactions more then normal. The Philippines? As I described it before... Even I don't know why I ever came here. For sure the worse place I ever was in on all my travels; And that are a lot.
This country is the best spot for old dying foreigners who want to stick their penis into every young (single mom) girl, since they can't do that in other countries. Sponsoring them with baby milk, rice, money and even diapers.
The Philippines even don't allow a foreigner to open a business,... That need to be done on a person's name from here. So, meanwhile I have met already a few foreigners, and their ex-wife that owns now everything.
About two months ago I was in a resort with three pools. The old 'owner' from Switzerland told me how everything is in his ex wife name, how he don't have anything anymore, how she even took his pension, how she gave him every day some food, about $2.00 pocket money, and a little room to stay in. Wow! And that all for the 'Big Love',... Something I stopped believing in already years ago. How some people can be so foolish.
I have seen that there are now 19 visitors on Ampu-Love on 24 hours time. It is getting lower by hour and day.
Basically you can't do anything on it. Many sites and applications I used before for Ampu-Love even don't exist anymore. The bannerexchange (link exchange), SocialGo (making an online social network) and even linkbucks (links to pictures) do not exist anymore. All things we used before. People now believe in the shitchat on Facebook and the millions of fake profiles. Should everything need to be Facebook, so we can close too?......

Tuersday, February  9, 2021 - 11.40 PM

Sunday, February  7, 2021 - 02.50 PM

It went into calm on Ampu-Love... Around 21 - 30 unique visitors each day at this moment. While I went through messenger today, I made some screenshots from the messages people send me. The nice ones, not the sexual oriented dirty ones, as I mentioned before. Sometimes even the introductions of some people surprise me.
They are here below...


Sunday, January 31, 2021 - 11.08 AM

Today I wanna show you the last three pictures made of me. That was two days ago. Sometimes people ask me for the most recent pictures of me. Well, here are they. Shouldn't I better change my official name into Skinny Stumpy ? I think it fit perfectly with my amazing look.

Today a guy wrote a message somewhere that he want to buy a product from Ampu-Love, but don't know or he gonna do it, since he never heard about AmpuLove. Yesterday evening happened the same thing. And also today I asked a graphic artist who makes beautiful Amputee graphics to join us here, but also he never heard about Ampu-Love.
Years ago AmpuLove had 2000 visitors a day. A huge difference. But I know that many sites died.

Saturday, January 30, 2021 - 11.16 AM
Today a scanner I ordered arrived. Time to make some more updates on the website and also to make some more cartoons.
On the right side the first scan I made with it and already a message to the devotee and wannabe community.
Many years ago we had also the Ampu-Love office webcam online and the plan is there to do this again in the future.
No time to cook, busy since yesterday evening on many updates on all sites, so I ordered some pizza.
I activated a Donate Ampu-Love button on the first page since everything on this site is for free. People don't order products and on a few weeks there was one order for three E-books for about $20. So, not a big deal, but web hosting and other online software and applications we use to build Ampu-Love need to be paid. If you wanna help? Thank you in advance.
I try to find and make contact with graphic and cartoon artists who love painting amputees. There are a few artists online in our picture and movie section, but in this category we really need some new artists. Many admirers likes amputee cartoons.
I found a lot of scans back from a few years ago that I will sort out and will publish on Ampu-Love during the next days.
Corona is really the worse thing that is happening those months and almost one year now. It stops us basically from doing 90 % from the things we want to do. Even in this world of 'stumps'. Meeting an amputee right now is impossible, even there are concrete plans over here about new models. A model candidate from Manila want us to make pictures from her, but we need to wait since going to there is crazy. Travel permissions, healthy certificates, quarantines,... It is all included in that trip that was so easy to do before Corona.

An older picture from me in 2008, while I was in the USA. Painting one of my amputee cartoons. And more of my cartoons I found back and are in my folder in the pictures and videos section. Maybe a good question to you all is 'What you wanna see happening in my next cartoons?' Maybe Dr. Surgeon Schmitz who fall on an amputation saw? Or Dr. Surgeon Schmitz who do some more illegal practizations on wannabes?...
During my search on older hard discs today I also found the pictures back from Corinne; The wannabe woman who was refused by the Dr. Shmitz project at the Falkirk hospital, but finally became an amputee (double above the knee) in another way. We will place them online this week; Another proof that 'yes', wannabe woman exist and 'yes' wannabes become real amputees; Even the females one.
A few days ago I found a post on a group somewhere from a person who wrote "Female wannabes don't exist"....

Friday, January 29, 2021 - 6.24 AM

Since I wanted to return home I also can postpone that dream again. Portugal is the black spot on the planet; The most newest daily cases. So, what I did? I ordered an extra small computer (laptop) to work easier on the three websites. (Ampu-Love; Disabled-Planet; Stumptouch). And let me say that the 3 websites are totally updated and active.
In one way I really hate it to be over here in the Philippines (for many reasons), but... There is no any corona case on the island where we are (Palawan, about 1 million habitants), and that's a good thing. Not so many places are corona free.
A Belgian Magazine asked me last week for an interview. An article about Belgians living in other countries and the corona situation there. I uploaded the article in .pdf format at the 'Who is' page, where you all can find it.
When I started with AmpuLove about 22 years ago, we also started with 3 cd-rom's in our store. Many of you will remember those I think... Magic Stumps 1, 2 and 3. I found some very small pictures back from the covers:


The search for a real Amputee Partner...
I can see that many people still contact me to find out or I know or can find an Amputee (life) partner for them. Yes, easy!; "I have them here in stock", I answered a guy a few weeks ago, who asked me. :-) Well, it is not that easy. Years ago there were real meetings in Russia and the USA, very well organized by the famous amputees (famous in the admirer world) Jama Bennett from Ascot World and the Russian Tatiana Volkova. But those glory times are long time over and we all know that not all amputees like devotees. Opening a website for contact between Amputees & Admirers as someone told me to do, I tried a few times. Even with the professional software as SocialGO (make your own social network) didn't worked out. I guess one day, someone will come up with a bright idea into that direction.

Me, in a box, USA 2008

Sunday, January 24, 2021 - 5.20 AM

Another day in what you realize that you are in contact with a psychotic Freak. This time with a Dutchman who did contacted me with the message on the right side (there are more, but only this one for sharing here).  There is a very strong and serious law around this subject in Europe. You can not PUSH anyone into cutting off your toe as this guy claims. They will call it 'You can not push anyone into automutulation' to say it more officially. So, I don't have toes, then you also not? I smoke, so you too? I am a muslim, so you too? ,or I jump from the tower and smash me to dead, you too!. A crazy retarded idiot first class that he is for sure. Compare it maybe with transgender. Do they also say to the neighbor "You need to become like me, get rid of your penis and balls and get some silicone tits"?
Sometimes this planet is ridiculous and when I receive mentally disabled crap messages as from this sick minded Freak, then I (again) ask myself: 'Where are the good old times from Yahoo groups, forums, board rooms, aol,...?"
We didn't had that kind of junk talk in groups. Till this new 'race' of wackos came up. Anyway, this kind of messages let me decide to not connect any link on no any of our websites to Facebook. This are te only kind of messages anyway I receive through that way. That kind or sexual oes.
The corona vaccination,... Another joke? A German female wannabe friend got the first vaccination shot; When she went back for the second one, they told her that she had corona signs, after testing her. One day later they confirmed her that she has corona. Nice vaccination. Anyway I don't believe in all that and would refuse it if they offer me, together with other people I know.

Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 6.34 AM

I found a letter back from Larry, a guy that contacted me a few years ago, an invitation to play in a amputee - devotee oriented movie, but I never gave any response. That time it was easy for people to write me. It is always easy to write to someone, when you are in a country where the mail office function. Twenty six months Philippines and I have never seen a person that works for the post; -or maybe they don't wear a uniform here?
I still have a few letters from George Boyer. But the fact is that I need to search them. Very nice letters about how his wish was so big to become an amputee that he took the gun to shoot trough his knee.  
The whole night I was online writing with devotee and wannabe friends, to discover that this blue planet (blue from far away) is totally ruined by that stupid Corona virus. Friends inside our amputee, devotee and wannabe community loosing jobs, trying to find jobs and even someone told me that he lost his house and need to move out in the middle of this winter. All sad to hear and realizing that all businesses suffers a lot from this 'Corona Illusion'. But the good news? Well, I decided to give some Amputee Picture Sets away for free. Just contact us and let me know in what set you are interested in (first take a look in the Ampu-Love shop to find out what you really want). After contacting us, we will send you the direct download link of your favorite set.
Ampu-Love is in the first place not a business or commercial site, it is basically and in the first place a source of information for and about the amputee, admirer and wannabe.

Saturday, January 9, 2021 - 7.21 AM

While I was again the whole night working on this site I was thinking on the many nice people I met during 22 years Ampu-Love (Ampulove). Amputees, Devotees, Wannabes; In reality and on the Internet. About 15 years ago and when I still was married, I got so many requests from people to go to them. They invited me and even were ready to pay my ticket. I remember a dentist who invited me to California and told me that I could stay over in his second house on the beach. That was one of the so many invitations.
That time I didn't accepted any invitation, simply for the reason that I was married and didn't found it fitting in my marriage to meet devotees or wannabes.
A French wannabe friend who lives in Belgium invited me many times, but I never went over to him that time. Even it was maybe only one hour driving away to his place that time. Not accepting invitations that time became many years later a regret. A regret that I didn't accepted the invitations. But that time my wife didn't liked devotees and wannabes and called them dumb and crazy.
Soon after my divorce with her I immediately accepted invitations. The first one was from the French guy in Belgium and till today we are still in contact. We met many times.
The other one, and a very big surprise was Wayne from the USA. He was for many years a client from Ampulove and on one day he asked me to go over to him. He paid the ticket, I stayed over at his nice condo. The planning was to stay only three weeks. But we became such a good friends that I even decided that time to stay in big beautiful America.
I did rent my own apartment there and Wayne and me, we had the biggest fun together. As two young boys we went out to bars, even to Hooters (look it up at Google), on travels as together to Europe.
So,... Yes, an Ampulove client became a best friend and even a kind of family.
After the USA, when I lived for five years in Brazil, I invited and paid him five times a ticket to Rio de Janeiro. In that way we could see each other, together with my Brazilian girlfriend once a year for a few times. That time he was 73 and meanwhile he is 84, but we are still in contact from time to time. The nice thing he did? Only a few years ago he met an amputee (SAK) in the street. A homeless guy. Wayne picked him up and still till today that guy is living in at Wayne's place.
Here below are some pictures from Wayne and me (in Brazil and USA):

Devotees and Wannabes that become soul mates and even a kind of family?
The French wannabe friend in Belgium told me once: "Wannabes and Devotees are our family, they at least do understand us". I only can totally agree with that. Oh... and about Wayne? He is the Dr. Schmitz in many of my cartoons and to be honest, they look alike. The same for my French friend, he is in many of my cartoons as Yvan, the rich business man.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021 - 3.15 AM

The threats going up. A Luigi Levratto from Italy contacted me with the question to help him to become an amputee. Once more time I need to say that I am not an hospital. And when I say that, then you get ridiculous reactions and being blocked. Another maniac with a fake profile, a stolen picture from a black guy and in reality it is a white guy. People... Stop contacting me with your retarded questions and brainsick reactions. Included, some of the proofs. Only for Facebook publication I cover his face in mosaics, but not for my websites.
Then a picture from me from last night, busy on Ampu-Love, but for sure it don't feel good when I look at it; With all reasons.
I wonder many times how many amputees on this planet with no legs and one arm travel alone to a country as over here for 26 months, realizing everything goes terrible bad. For sure the health.

Let me have it about Brazilian Amputees. During the time I was there, I worked with different amputees and I can confirm that they are very open minded. With that I mean: Open minded about their amputation and not being shy; Very talkative and a great hospitality feeling.
While in the most other countries it is very difficult to even see them on the street or getting them into a nice conversation. Even over here in the Philippines the contacts I had with candidate amputee models, I broke up myself. Very demanding, the whole family should need to come over together with them, requesting food - cigarettes - beer and other alcoholic drinks. During my works with Brazilian (and other amputees) the demands where never so high. Even one of those Filipinas, who lives as a queen thanks to the many (financial) supports told me: "It need to be a very nice and expensive camera you use, otherwise you can not make pictures of me".
Myself, I prefer nice and simple amputees. Models or not. People that just can be as they really are. It is also much nicer if you can work and talk in a rational way then in a stressed or arrogant way.

Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 7.32 AM

First the Corona subject in 2020. Now 2021 the vaccination subject.
I remember that everyone hoped for a vaccination and now there is, still people need to wait.
Talking to a friend yesterday, he told me that he need to wait for sure till July to get his vaccination, since it is the way that they do it by age. Ok, so then it is clear to me that it isn't all important that vaccination and even that Corona.
About an hour ago I was talking to a German that lives here already years in the Philippines. He told me that when they offer him that vaccination he will not accept it. "I don't want that poison in my body" he said. Near him I got such a same kind of answer from 3 other people I know in real life that don't want any vaccination, and I understand them perfectly. Living in dirty places, sleeping on cold or wet grounds, stressed out, cancer, and many other facts and sickness can kill too.
Near that; A vaccination for Corona... In a few months another Corona version and another different vaccination? So, we can keep busy.
I don't say that Corona is fake, but some (even government) make money out of it. As example... A PCR test, it should need to be for free. And... Much things went up higher in price, while many people lost jobs and more. My own protection? Being right now in the Philippines where almost everyone looks at you as you come straight from another planet or some freak show (guess they never have seen a guy with no legs and one arm) isn't such a good feeling. So, I do stay mostly inside and I am no more interested in the outside world over here.
This country is totally wheelchair unfriendly and near that, this Filipino government almost don't care about amputees who are Philippines. Yes, good I wasn't born here and good that I soon can go back home (Europe) where I can sit near the beach, having a coffee, no people (so, no Corona. You don't get that from beach sand) and no stress.
There are still many places on the world. Cities, countries, villages... Where you can hide, or enjoy your life without 24 hours Corona and vaccination talks and subjects.
Even amputees love to travel. Even alone. Me for sure. You don't need legs to get around this planet. But Corona made also a limitation in travels. I know that many amputees feel a limitation thanks to amputation, so then we can say this Corona limit us more.
I remember some funny facts from the time I was traveling... Once on the airport a very old woman asked me "Sir, are you traveling alone in your situation?", with what I answered with a question "Miss, are you traveling alone on your age?"

Friday, January 1, 2021 - 9.32 PM

The old year ended bad and the new year started bad, but meanwhile I am further trying to work on Ampulove to have it soon as possible online. I heard a few good reactions from people who told me that they are happy that Ampu-Love is coming back. If the internet in the Philippines would be more faster, then this site had been ready and online.
Let me wish you all a very nice New Year and that the corona virus will leave this planet very soon.
I know that 2020 was a terrible year for many people.
Also in 2021 it will be back possible to meet Amputee Alex for the once who are interested in that.