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by Amputee Alex


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This is the place where you can read the Diary of Amputee Alex. Not so much about private occupations, but more amputee, devotee and wannabe oriented. The newest posts are on top of the page.

Thursday May 25, 2017 - 10.01 AM

Time to introduce you to another fool. Here we have Cameron Mullin, who is from New Zealand. He want to become a multiple amputee, at least that is what he told me. After some serious conversations, and keeping myself awake to listen to his crap, he finally have send an annoying message through Facebook, to me, as you can see here on the screen dump I made. That is exactly why I mostly prefer to not talk to some wannabes, for sure this kind of wannabes who are just dreaming, but never will come to the real point of getting 'it'.

Wednesday March 22, 2017 - 11.00 PM

I did the interview with the Vice Magazine, but when it will be published, that's another question.
Let me 'introduce' you to two other fake facebook profiles of some retarded dude; Kirk George & Ron Laplume... Specialized in using hard and mean words, but too dumb to show their real identity, even a real face they don't have. If you can't show your face, then you have something to hide. Here they are:

Some people must be 'deaf'. Many times I announced that I can't help wannabes in becoming an amputee, so the question is why still so many ask or I can help them. Do I look as a surgeon? LOL.
Devotee Girls are all over the world. Once I even was married to a female devotee who love to lick stumps, but also was the biggest drunk of America. Now since yesterday evening I am in contact with a female devotee from the Philippines... Only sad that they all ask to show me my stumps, what I don't do. Want stumps? Pay for it :-)
The funny part about talking wit woman from the Philippines and also from Africa? They all want to marry you, after talking 3 full minutes with you. Let me guess? This must be the modern way of doing things, the new modern lifestyle. Maybe we first need to divorce, then marrying and then meeting each other? New traditions...

Wednesday March 08, 2017 - 09.16 PM

A lot of work to find out more about the destinations where I wanna go to, and that all takes a lot of time.
For sure I gonna arrange end of this month my new passport.
And good that the passports are now valid for 7 years, at least the Belgian ones.

The most important now is the updates on the websites, different websites I make.
Funny is how the style from the sites are changed in 3 years time.

Friday March 03, 2017 - 10.56 PM

I was contacted by the English magazine 'Vice', for an interview about my book 'Amputation on Request'. Well, I think I just gonna do it, even knowing that I had very bad experiences with some media people as the ones from 'Barcroft Media', a few years ago.

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with a very good wannabe friend of me, who lives in the North of Portugal. He told me that there are wannabe surgeries done in the Philippines for so low as $2000.00, but they want to investigate the wannabes through different psychological tests, and that cost off course money and time. But this kind of practices exist on more places on this planet. Even in Mexico some surgeons remove limbs for about $8000.00. All a big illegally commerce, while the wannabes deserves to be helped in a legally way, since BIID is recognized by the medical world.

Monday February 27, 2017 - 08.33 PM

A lot of work today. This website is back online since today, we registered the domain name
But still a lot of work to do.
Near that, so many stress, since there is no way to work in a calm situation on the site.
Barking dogs, irritating neighbors, and... cold.
I'm maybe located in the South of Europe, but still over here in Portugal Lisbon, it can be very cold.
Near that, since the almost two months I am in Portugal, it isn't really what I thought about it.
A lot of Portuguese people love to take advantaged from people who aren't from Portugal.
Maybe I need to think about moving on to Brazil, or even the Philippines...
During the last 3 years I was basically 'off-line'; let me call it that way... My Brazilian ex girlfriend made a hell of my life, and in that way some things happened, that I even wasn't able to enter on the Internet. For that reason also that this site was offline.
Now it will be a lot of work to make sure that everyone knows again that this website still exist, ... or exist again.
Ampulove was already online since 1998.
First as, later as and now finally as
On the right side an older picture from me, in happier times, about something more then 3 years ago.
May I please get the attention from people who ask me or I can help them in becoming an amputee.
I'm not a surgeon, I am an amputee.
Near that, there are a lot of people who send me a friendship request on Facebook. If friendship requests are done with fake profiles and without an introduction about who you are, then I automatically refuse. Simple as that.