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This is the place where you can read the Diary of Amputee Alex. Not so much about private occupations, but more amputee, devotee and wannabe oriented. The newest posts are on top of the page.

Sunday October 21, 2012 - 9.54 M

On October 16, I mentioned about a wannabe mother with an adopted amputee son. Well here we go. After a little bit more investigations, and seeing more notifications on Facebook about other people, who don't believe too much in that story, it is time to bring out what we have... In the first place, we have Tatum Emileigh Atkinson... the 'mother', who is a wannabe and want to be as her adopted 17 years old son... Then we have Raven Cale, but was official on Facebook with the name 'Zachy or Zachary Cale'...

Tatum Emileigh Atkinson, the 'wannabe mother'

Zachary Cale (Raven C.) the adopted amputee son
as a second profile:

Now, after the first conversations I had with Tatum Emileigh Atkinson, it was me very clear that something was wrong.
First of all the pictures. If you see on the right side, the conversations on Facebook, and then you take a look at the pictures here below... Do we need to believe that this woman on the picture is really 35 years old???? No way!!!!

More likely a girl from 13 till 15 years young, that is my opinion. Anyway, the mother confirmed me that Zachary Cale is 17 years old, an amputee, abandoned, and that she want to be exactly like him... A quadruple amputee...

Zachary introduces himself as a nice amputee guy... But let see, in a conversation with a friend how he became an amputee...

 On the left side you have the chat log from Facebook between Zachary and a friend.... So, if you click on it, you will be able to see how he became an amputee.... Another very strange story, if you ask me... Or am I wrong?...

And when I look then to his picture, then I almost can say that I have seen this picture somewhere before... I only can't remember when or where. It is even not an original picture, but the background from it was removed.
Now, on the left side, we have Zachary. 17 years old amputee. And higher up, we have his 'mother', who is wannabe, want to be like him. Sure? ...We all can agree with that, and even believing this story? We also may not forget that both people joined Facebook very recently, and almost on the same time...
After a few more conversations through Facebook, it was for me more then sure that at least one of the two is a faker.

After receiving the right picture as a public post on my Facebook, and a few more crazy conversations, I deleted the friendship.
For me, my opinion is: One of the two at least is a faker (if not both of them...) and I even think that Zachary and Tatum are one and the same person. For sure the girl on the pictures is not a 35 years old wannabe mother, but at least 20 years younger...
So, we see again that we have to do with so many fakers and game players on Facebook. Wondering or people really don't have anything better to do in their live, then being so fake and letting believe people all this crap.

To end up this story about those two freaks, 2 more posts on the left side... One into my direction, another one was a post from an Amputee Devotee group on Facebook....

Now let me have it for a minute about something else then fake Facebook profiles...
Earlier those days, I mentioned about Nigeria, Africa, and.... female amputee models. After a few Skype webcam conversations, I can announce you that everything looks so good, that even very soon people, admirers, going to have the possibility to do live webcam chat with at least 2 female leg amputees from around 24 years old.
How that all will work, and when exactly that will happen, ...about that I will know more information around the end of this month, if nothing goes wrong.
The most difficult thing in this way is setting up a good system for webcam communication. And honestly, that is all pretty new to me.
Time to leave now, raining and thundering here... 

Saturday October 20, 2012 - 7.38 AM

Let me introduce you to Malena Perverzna Aska, another fakers profile on Facebook, even the profile picture is a pretender model from DisabledPlanet... Imagine, and even 1850 people are friends with Miss Pervert-A ;-) ... So,1850 people that don't realize that they have to do with another faker.

Now, let me tell you that about 3 years ago, I was in contact with this model. The real one then, not the Facebook faker... So, after searching my hard discs, here is what we found:


On the left side.... The model.... Same person as in the fake Facebook profile. On the right side.... Also the same girl, but together with me. By the way.... Her real name is Carol, and she is Brazilian, from sure not from Bosnia and Herzegovina.... ;-)
My opinion is that they should need to make a acebook or akers, indeed a real :-)
This is really funny anyway.
Now, I was indeed writing about 'Big Stump', and I indeed forgot to mention a link (someone informed me), so here we go: Here you can find the official Facebook page back:

Thursday October 18, 2012 - 4.02 AM

I got informed by a friend, who is the owner of DisabledPlanet about beautiful models of Nigeria (Africa), and... believe me, when I say they are.... yes, they are. With the request to do something together... to make a new website, but something that didn't existed before. So, I came to the new idea of Big Stump. Everyone knows big brother. A bunch of people living for months together in a house.... And everyone can follow their daily life and doings.... Well why not 'Big Stump'?... Amputees together for a certain period in one place, and you,... people interested in amputees could follow them....
So, big stump, my idea, became reality, and the people from DisabledPlanet agreed and introduced it on their website. Now..... Will 'Big Stump' will have amputees? After an agreement with Melissa Runbottles, owner of DisabledPlanet, I got in contact with their newest model, Yafreisi, who is a 28 years young very beautiful left below the elbow amputee. Yafreisi immediately agreed with the new concept, and from there we go.
'Big Stump', will have already a gorgeous female amputee, and the search goes on. Probably a male amputee friend will join it to, and.... Big Stump will be reality, because more amputees will be found for it.
Big Stump, a one time event.... so I was thinking.... why not doing something that really every devotee gonna be interested into it (reason why I am still awake)... But more about that tomorrow...

Tuesday October 16, 2012 - 7.07 AM

Isn't it sad that some people need to contact you in the middle of the night to tell you what a bunch of fakers are hanging around on Facebook?... That is what happened a few days ago, when a amputee friend contacted me, to show me the chat logs from a retarded idiot with the fabulous fake name 'Amp Fan' on Facebook, and a ventilator as profile picture... That Facebook is filled with fake profiles, that we all know already a long time. For sure in the amputee, devotee and wannabe world. So many fakers take an amputee picture, makes a new profile on Facebook and then trying to convince everyone that they are the person they see on the picture. It is thanks to this huge group of miserable fakers, that I almost don't accept any friendship request from someone from the amputee, devotee or wannabe world, except if I know them.
Now, Mr. 'Amp Fan', for sure from Germany (we found that out through statistics after he visited a mentioned link in the conversation through Facebook) was into telling our friend that I have scam sites, that I am a bad person, that it is for sure not a good idea to do business with me and another website in the same direction from Germany (without mentioning names). That we are all thiefs and liars.
Funny part was that Mister Amp Fan himself, introduced my friend (who is female and an amputee) to his 'world' and to have her as a model. Afterwards he told her that he do the site of Coconut Stump, a woman from the Philippines who was banned once from Facebook by publishing naked pictures from a female friend of her on her Facebook (proofs are on my computer - screen dumps). After having the link from the new site from 'Coconut',  and seeing what a miserable layout, it is even a wonder that you can sell something... Anyway, till there mister Amp Fan from Facebook...  Just wondering what is is first name.... Amp or Fan??? :-). Here we have a screen dump from his Facebook profile:

Talking bad about someone, is easy to do. But I prefer to talk only about someone when I have the proves... As an example I give here now one picture from my special 'black listed' collection ;-)...

The picture here on the left side..., taken a few years ago, you have on the left side 'Dr. Meyer', a German criminal on the run, hiding in Sri Lanka, to not ending up in jail in a European prison, and blacklisted on the famous Interpol list... In the middle: 'Dr. Jaywardana', from Sri Lanka, who was founded to being able to help wannabes with a surgery over there... But then wondering who is on the right side? Some people could not believe their eyes who that is... Someone who is very well known in the devotee world, works with beautiful amputees already since many years, and was able to cover his ass for what he really is during many years... still. Anyway, just to show, that if there is something to say bad about a person, .... where are the proofs? 
Oh, and about this wannabe project in Sri Lanka, I got once an invitation from Mr. Meyer, even went to Sri Lanka to meet him, long time ago... but... my question to him was: 'What you do if a wannabe die in the surgery...'

His answer on that was: 'Then we burry them...'. My reaction: 'Without informing the family?'... 'Yes, we will not leave proofs behind'. Afterwards he asked me the list of all wannabes I know, but for sure I never gave him any information. A wannabe need help, he or she don't need to end up burned up in a far country as Sri Lanka...

Going on with the world of Fakers on Facebook. There is another funny one.... A girl who say that she is far over the 30 years old... But her profile picture shows clearly that it is a child, a teenager... Now, want to know the strange story behind it? ... She as an adopted son, without arms and legs.... Who is on Facebook too. He as only one real profile picture, and for sure a picture I have seen already before on the internet... Now, the 'mother' says she is a wannabe and want to be like her adopted son, without arms and legs. I have so many screen dumps from this crazy story, but showing them here on internet will not happen before I have more information.
And... there is a third Facebook connected story. Why mostly woman, that are devotee are ashamed to tell so... They never are devotees when it comes to the point of asking them. And... they even can get be very angry or upset, when you dare to mention 'For sure you are a devotee'.
Well, for sure it is like that, if you listen to their stories; If they tell you then 'Oh, all my other boyfriends were amputees or wheelchair bounded'...
If they then show on Facebook pictures from the tattoos they have on her left and right and... Then you are telling me, this is not a devotee?... I have nothing against people who don't dare to say that they are a devotee,...

but I have something against devotees that know me, that know that I am already more then 14 years in contact with hundreds of amputees, devotees an wannabes, and then still don't dare to confess privately that I am right with my thoughts, for sure when all the proofs are there.

The last point for today: Wannabe - girls. And there are a lot. Every time when I have a conversation with a French wannabe friend and business man, we need to agree that there are much more then 1 on 30.000 people who are into having an amputation. Since short it is as a rocket filled with beautiful woman that land here... All woman that want to have an amputation, and mostly they want to be without legs. A friend from Brazil was talking to me a few days ago, and asked my help for a wannabe woman that he know. But... If someone want my help in that direction, they need to get in contact with me directly, not through someone.

Thursday September 27, 2012 - 4.55 AM

And indeed, I am still awake.
First of all, my I welcome you all to this diary. The idea to start this online diary came in me up, because so many people ask me what I am doing, how things are going and also because a lot of people want to know about my contacts with amputees, devotees & wannabes.
Since a few days, I am in contact with a female wannabe from South America, that contacted me. She absolutely want her 2 legs off above the knee. She was able to tell me that her husband will agree with her amputation, but never will support her. Today, she had send me a message that her husband had seen the conversation with me on her Facebook, and that he declared her totally crazy.  From all my experiences with devotees and wannabes, I only could answer her that wannabe feelings never will go away, and that they only will grow by time. I don't say that people need to agree with wannabes, but at least people should need to have respect for a person's decision... Even if that decision sounds sometimes crazy.